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Based on years of research

Years ago, Tengu was originally created during the PhD of Thomas Vanhove at Ghent University to support researchers in big data experimentation. The platform got a following among researchers at the IDLab research group and was used in several projects together with industry partners such as ID&T, VRT and Newsmonkey.


Our mission

With the Tengu Platform, data teams are unburdened from IT operations, enabling them to excel.



Qrama, a Ghent University / imec spin-off, is the company behind Tengu and continues the research with the goal to become the only and most efficient, automated toolbox for easier and faster data analysis.


Our vision

By innovating automation platforms, we leverage (open) innovation by drastically simplifying big data deployments that deliver better result at a much lower cost.

Our Team

Thomas originally created the Tengu platform during his PhD at Ghent University. Together with Gregory he founded a spin-off company that brings the platform to the big data market.

Thomas Vanhove


Gregory received his Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering in 2011 and started the company together with Thomas. Gregory is responsible for product planning, engineering and R&D. 

Gregory Van Seghbroeck


Sebastien's role at Tengu is to build and maintain the Tengu back-end. He continuously strives to offer our users the best possible product, by creating a smooth and seamless user experience.

Sebastien Pattyn


Michiel's role is to develop and maintain the Tengu platform. From his specific interest in machine learning, he optimizes the Platform to make it a better experience for the end-user. 

Michiel Ghyselinck

Junior Developer

Dixan is a mathematician turned big data developer. His role is to develop and maintain the Tengu platform. Dixan loves to research new technologies and improving the development experience for everyone.

Dixan Peña Peña

Junior Developer

Sarah used to be a startup coach at the Chamber of Commerce and decided to cooperate within a startup herself. Sarah takes care of customer development and the deployment of marketing systems / processes for inbound lead generation.

Sarah Facq

Growth Marketer

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