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Compose your Own Big Data

Digital Workspace

  • Data Acquisition
  • Batch Analytics
  • Stream Analytics
  • Visualization

You Choose, Tengu Deploys

Many use cases, one infrastructure

Machine learning, IoT, microservices, data analytics and much more


Data Science teams shouldn't lose time with the deployment and configuration of big data infrastructures.
Tengu takes care of this by using automation scripts while keeping your infrastructure up-to-date.

Automation Framework

Configure, Deploy and Integrate 260+ big data technologies in virtually no time

The automation framework as core of the Tengu Platform, is leveraged by the open-source community. Tengu already supports major existing big data technologies but adds new technologies when valuable to you, making the Tengu platform stronger every day.


Tengu allows big data teams to set up their preferred

models for batch and streaming analytics with commonly-used cluster

parameters and tool configurations.

Minutes, not Weeks

Start working on your data sets in 30 minutes or less
Deploying big data infrastructures usually takes days or weeks. As a result, teams lose a lot of time whether they want to try out new technologies in proof-of-concepts or scale their environments to production.

With just a few mouse clicks, Tengu delivers a digital work environment which makes it easy to deploy and manage a combined set of technologies for data storage, analysis and visualization. Tengu is with you all the way from development to production.

Cutting the Costs

Starting with big data doesn't have to be expensive
Traditionally, service providers are charged with the setup of the infrastructures. So the biggest cost lays in the many hours of manual setup, configuring and servicing the technologies that must work together.
Fast experimentation allows you to validate business cases quickly and scale further with the one that works. 
Tengu manages all of this for you by automating all the manual labor which results in 10 times faster setup, i.e. much cheaper, while your infrastructure remains up to date ... forever.

And More


No Vendor Lock-in

Open to all kinds of big data processing, storage or cloud components, preventing vendor lock-in.

Public or Private Clouds

Deploy in private (VMWare, OpenStack, bare metal, ...)
or public clouds (Google, Amazon, Azure, ...)



Hardware, services and clusters are continuously monitored for benchmarking purposes.

Pricing starting at

€ 145 / day

Try 14 days Free


Workspace can consist of +260 instances including Hadoop, Storm, Databases, API's etc..