Our DataOps-platform, from project to launch.

We had a historic week, because we finally got to launch our official platform with a completely revamped User Interface, and we couldn't be more proud!...

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You wouldn't eat soup with a fork, would you? - Part I Read More
Smart Retail Trends 2019: 18 retail experts share their thoughts.

The retail industry is facing some big challenges and the question is... are you ready for them?

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DataOps solves the data challenges of businesses.

DataOps started from a desire to deal with the data silo's, and enable non-tech savvy's to answer their questions with data. It is a best practice for...

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Lessen uit mijn gesprek met CEO Thomas Vanhove (Dutch)

Vorige week interviewde ik Thomas Vanhove, CEO en co-founder bij Tengu. We hadden het over het ontstaan van Tengu vier jaar geleden, de initiële uitdaging...

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What's a Tengu 👺 ? The story behind our logo.

We get quite some questions about our company's logo. Why are we called Tengu? What's a Tengu? And why have we chosen this 'Tengu' to represent our...

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De positieve impact van big data

Afgelopen maanden heeft big data het zwaar te verduren gekregen. Negatieve publiciteit omtrent fout gebruik van persoonlijke data door grote bedrijven zoals...

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