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customised features


For TENGU.PLUS license holders that require specific customized features developed on top of the TENGU platform to fully meet their data needs. And, that do not have the necessary resources to develop this in-house. 

TENGU.DEV offers a step by step development of additional tailor-made features on top of the TENGU platform with a clear and predefined scope. 

The Marvelous

Features of TENGU.DEV

Built by DataOps experts

We love to share our DataOps expertise with our customers. With us at your side, you don't have to worry about a thing.

For extra services that are not within our expertise/domain, we'll connect you with one of our trusted data partners.

Custom development

The option to further extend the platforms' possibilities, and benefit from extra customised features.

This includes the build of clearly predefined customised features (the scope) on top of the TENGU platform.


As a TENGU.PLUS license holders you gain access to this exclusive add-on, enabling you to benefit from the customised features.

Reach out to obtain or upgrade to a TENGU.PLUS licence to enable access to this add-on.

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