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1-year paas license
customised onboarding
convenience package


For companies with a team of data scientists & analysts, or setting up one, and that want to connect the right people with the right data, because they want to increase their business value and revenue growth.

TENGU.PLUS offers a 1-Year PaaS license package, optimising the efficiency of the data team (data engineers, scientists and analysts) by 40 % with extended support and hosting managed by us.

The Marvelous

Features of TENGU.PLUS

Extended package

1-year PaaS license subscription.

Unlimited usage of the TENGU platform.

Hosting on Google Cloud managed by us.

500 EUR of Google Cloud credits included.

Support on the TENGU platform and the by us hosted services.

TENGU.START included: customised onboarding.

Possible add-ons

TENGU.101: a data strategy workshop.

TENGU.DEV: customised development.

TENGU.GO: a 3-days in-house training.

What our customers say

How does Tengu work for you?

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