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For TENGU.CORE license holders (*) that do not want to set up the TENGU platform themself.  So they can get started even faster and mainly focus on their data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence projects. 

TENGU.START offers a tailor-made onboarding on the TENGU platform, based upon the companies' data needs and within the possibilities of the currently available features of the TENGU platform.

(*) By default included for TENGU.PLUS license holders.

The Marvelous

Features of TENGU.START

The Set-up of supported integrations TENGU

The set-up of supported

Such as ArangoDB, InfluxDB, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, JupyterHub, Docker, Python Microservices, Keycloak, Airflow, Slack, Mattermost, Grafana, and Github.

This onboarding does not include connections with non-supported databases and API integrations.

The TENGU set-up of monitoring

The set-up of

We'll add all the components of your data flows into the monitoring graph, and explain how to add alerts, labels, meta tags, filters and documentation.

This makes it easy for your data team to keep an overview of the current state of your data models, flows and architectures.

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