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From big data to smart data.

Tengu.Start, Tengu.Plus and Tengu.Core help you
to become a data-driven expert.

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Why choose Tengu?

Built For Growth

Get insights within minutes. Discover new market opportunities. Benefit from a sustainable revenue growth.

All Data in One Place

Integrate, aggregate, process and work with all your data in one place with our Tengu DataOps Interface.  

Custom-made solutions

We listen to your data needs, and convert these into the right data solutions. We integrate your current working tools.

What is the Tengu DataOps Interface?

To fastly convert your big data to smart date we have developerd an in the cloud data platform/interface, named Tengu.
With this interface you are able to immediately act upon market trends and opportunities with data-driven actions.

Tengu DataOps Interface into your data flow-1
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Drive your revenue with smart data
Smart Retail

Smart Retail

Get a better understanding of your shoppers behaviour. Make data-driven decisions upon the best pricing or promotion strategy. Streamline your ordering process.

Smart profiling

Smart Targeting/Profiling

Get insights into your target groups' profile, motivations and behaviour. Take customer centric actions, offer the best experience and increase the customer lifetime value.

Smart data aggregation

Smart Data Aggregation

More and complexer data is stored, no longer accessible for the full organisation. Make data accessible for the right people again. Drive value across your organisation.

Let our clients convince you

Peter De Gryse
Partner IkJeuneMie!

"Tengu delivered our first data-driven dashboard in only two weeks time. We couldn't have done this faster ourselves. Their hands-on, no-nonsense approach made it very simple for us to start with our data-driven journey."


Peter D'Hoore
CEO The Retail Factory

"Thanks to Tengu's clear vision and talented team, we were able to quickly get to a high standards product. Their data expertise and onboarding service is exactly what is needed for a company to become data-driven."