Useful Data That
Boost Your Business

With Tengu you achieve your business
objectives faster and more easily.
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Built For Growth

Get insights within minutes. Discover new market opportunities. Benefit from a sustainable revenue growth.

All Data in One Place

Integrate, aggregate, process and work with all your data in one place with our Tengu DataOps Interface.  

A Tailor-made Data Solution

We listen to your objectives & needs, and convert these into the most useful data solution for your business.

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Your Useful Data 
Strategy Workshop. 
Data approach to support
your business objectives.
Business workshop
of 4 hours. 
Set strategy
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Your First Steps
Within Tengu. 
Custom onboarding
to get quickly set up.
Start with our DataOps Interface within 1 hour. 
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Tengu.DEV 2020


Extend Your DataOps
Custom development
on top of Tengu.
Step by step we add
tailor-made features.
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Ease Your Data
Engineering tasks.
Orchestrate your data processes with Tengu.
Run our DataOps
Interface by yourself.
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Why become data-driven with Tengu?

Dataops Expertise

Our talented team has a high level of data expertise, and are ready to take your idea to the next level.

We make your idea come true

We guide you to define a data strategy and get started with your road map based upon your idea.


Don't spend a large amount of time and money on trying to become data-driven. 

Let our clients convince you

Peter De Gryse

Peter De Gryse

Partner - IkJeuneMie!

"Tengu delivered our first data-driven dashboard in only two weeks time. We couldn't have done this faster ourselves. Their hands-on, no-nonsense approach made it very simple for us to start with our data-driven journey."

Peter D'Hoore

Peter D'Hoore

CEO - The Retail Factory

"Thanks to Tengu's clear vision and talented team, we were able to quickly get to a high standard product. Their data expertise and onboarding service is exactly what is needed for a company to become data-driven."

Achieve your objectives with useful data

Smart Retail Example

Smart Retail Solutions

Have real-time insights in your shoppers' behaviour. Take decisions on pricing, promotions and ordering based upon real-time data.

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Smart Insurance Solutions

Use your smart data to get a 360° customer view with insights on their profile, motivations & behaviour. Personalize your communication.

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Smart Logistic Solutions

Collect all data at one place. Make smart data accessible for the right people at the right time to better achieve your business objectives.

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How Tengu works for your industry?

We have several use cases for your industry and would love to tell you more about them during a first meeting.


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