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A Complete loT Workspace
Deployed Instantly

  • Data Acquisition
  • Batch Analytics
  • Stream Analytics
  • Visualization

A Foundation for your use-cases

Start immediately with your case, Tengu takes care of the rest 


The Tengu Platform takes care of the full deployment of the necessary technologies and services so you can instantly start working on building the IoT solution. Never worry again about deploying, configuring or any other IT related task. 

Minutes, not Weeks

Start working on your data sets in 30 minutes or less
Deploying big data infrastructures capable of processing large amounts of sensor data usually takes days or weeks. As a result, teams lose a lot of time.

With just a few mouse clicks, Tengu delivers a digital work environment which makes it easy to deploy technologies and workflows that are able to store, process and visualize sensor data. Get started with streaming technologies on sensor data in a matter of minutes with Tengu.

Cutting the Costs

Starting with loT doesn't have to be expensive
Traditionally, service providers are charged with the setup of the infrastructures. So the biggest cost lays in the many hours of manual setup, configuring and servicing the technologies that must work together.
Tengu manages all of this for you by automating all the manual labor which results in 10 times faster setup, i.e. much cheaper, while your infrastructure remains up to date ... forever.

But Consider Also


No Vendor Lock-in

Open to all kinds of big data processing, storage or cloud components, preventing vendor lock-in.

Public or Private Clouds

Deploy in private (VMWare, OpenStack, bare metal, ...)
or public clouds (Google, Amazon, Azure, ...)


Hardware, services and clusters are continuously monitored for benchmarking purposes.

Example Case: City of Things Project

In a (big) data-driven world, a lot of pressure is put on data scientists to make sense of the massive amount of information companies have stored. To do so, they must combine and configure the right set of tools – for data storage, processing, analysis, visualization, etc. –, programming languages and models that match the company’s specific needs. 

Open Data Accessible Through Tengu

In the City of Things project thousands of sensors are spread out across the city of Antwerp (Belgium). The generated data is used for generating insights about the city. The research platform is deployed with Tengu, that offers a complete workflow for acquiring, storing, and processing the sensor data.


€145 / Month

Try 14 days Free


Workspace consists of 9 instances including Apache Storm, K8, InfluxDB & MongoDB, Kafka 

Learn more about Tengu Platform on the Product Page