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A Complete Workspace
for Deploying Microservices

  • Container    Orchestration
  • API Ready
  • Easy Scaling

A Foundation for Your Use Cases

Many use cases, one infrastructure


The Tengu Platform takes care of the full deployment of the necessary technologies and services so you can instantly start working on building your microservice solution. Never worry again about deploying, configuring or integration.

Minutes, not Weeks

Start working on your data sets in 30 minutes or less

Deploying microservice infrastructures is a complex venture and usually takes days or weeks. As a result, teams lose a lot of time.


With just a few mouse clicks, Tengu delivers a digital work environment which makes it easy to set up container orchestration tools, which allow you to deploy and scale microservices in an instant, and install and configure database technologies for each of the deployed microservices.


Try Tengu with Kubernetes to see with your own eyes.

Cutting the Costs

Starting with microservices doesn't have to be expensive
Tradtionally, service providers are charged with the setup of the infrastructures. So the biggest cost lays in the many hours of manual setup, configuring and servicing the technologies that must work together.

Tengu manages all of this for you by automating all the manual labor which results in 10 times faster setup, i.e. much cheaper, while your infrastructure remains up to date ... forever.

And More


No Vendor Lock-in

Open to all kinds of data processing, storage or visualization components, preventing vendor lock-in.

Public or Private Clouds

Deploy in private (VMWare, OpenStack, bare metal, ...)
or public clouds (Google, Amazon, Azure, ...)


Hardware, services and clusters are continuously monitored for benchmarking purposes.

Example Case: Netflix

The world's leading Internet Television Network, Netflix, has been an evangelist when it comes to the microservice architecture. After a database failure in 2008, crippling the DVD deliveries at the time, Netflix started to move away from a monolithic architecture
and adopted the microservice principles. 

Scalable, fault-tolerant, and easy to use


The functionality of the platform is divided into stateless services that act as black boxes with a single task. This allows services to be scaled out when they are in high demand and scaled down accordingly. It also provides a certain fault-tolerancy for your application as functionality is not contained within a single point of failure. Finally, updating applications becomes a breeze as you slowly introduce new versions of your services to the incoming messages.

Prices start from

€145 / Month

Try 14 days Free


Workspace consists of 10 instances including Kubernetes, ArangoDB & OpenTSDB, HBase

Learn more about Tengu Platform on the Product Page