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How Many Big Data Technologies do you need?

Just Starting


You're making your first steps in the great world of Big Data and want to discover its possibilities before investing in it for real. Let's discover it together!


Up to 5 technologies.


Pricing per month

145 EUR

Big Business


Your company has chosen to go all the way. By building real data-driven projects you can stay or become relevant, congrats!


Up to 10 technologies.


Pricing per month

495 EUR

Like A Pro


Data-driven companies need bigger infrastructures. Experiment, scale fast and optimize your back ends when you need it.


Unlimited technologies.


Pricing per month

1495 EUR

If you're not sure yet

Experiment First


Dive into the world of Big Data Technologies through the Tengu Toolbox. You can experiment for free with 260+ big data technologies and your own digital workspace, deployed and configured by Tengu.


Pricing per month


value for your money



Only pay for what you use and how long you use it. This makes it much less expensive compared with full-blown Big Data deployments.



Tengu uses as much open-source as possible, giving the best support at lowest cost.


Save Time

Since your Big Data workspaces deploy instantly, you save days of time which is otherwise spent on configuration and deployment.


Always up-to-date

Tengu keeps your environments up-to-date so you'll never have to pay for upgrades or updates to your workspaces.

Deploying Big Data projects: Simple, fast and cost-effective


traditional Way

Pay for monthly costs and lock yourself into their technology stack.
DIY (+Consultancy)
Lose a lot of time and money by doing it yourself or paying consultancy fees.

Pricing FAQ

What do I need to get started?
Not much! An active account with a public cloud provider (Google, Amazon, Azure) is enough. If you don't have that yet, we will gladly help you get started. For Tengu on private infrastructure, get in touch!
How do you charge?
You pay for what you use, when you use it. This means we charge you for every deployed service on a minute by minute basis. This way we can make sure that you do not pay for services you are not using.
What is in the open-source version?
The open-source version only contains the core of our platform and is to be used in a command-line environment. Features like our user interface and enhanced monitoring framework are exclusive to the commercial version of our platform.
Is Tengu GDPR compliant?
Of course! You control the access to your workspace and the services in your workspaces. Nobody will be able to access data or services in your workspace, if you do not want them to.
Can I change my workspace over time?
In the trial version you are limited to pre-defined workspaces and you can only have one concurrent workspace deployed. In the full version there are no limits to the amount of workspaces you can concurrently deploy and also no limits to the amount of technologies in one workspace. This means you can customize and change the workspace over time.
Will my workspace get obsolete over time?
Our team of experts keeps a close eye on updates from our offered technologies. We will let you know when a new version of a technology is available and allow you to chose when to upgrade. No extra costs or labor involved.
How will you support me?
We are here to help. You can reach us in many different ways: email, phone, and chat. Depending on your chosen support level.
Have more questions?
Don't hesitate and reach out. We would love to help you with any further questions you might have!