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For companies collecting a lot of complex data, or considering doing this, that would like to obtain data-driven insights and predictions and facilitate their daily tasks. This helps them focus on obtaining the targets, boosting the business value and revenue growth on the long term.

TENGU.101 is a 4-hours workshop with all stakeholders, focusing on what data strategy and architecture are the best ones to support the teams in achieving the company's objectives more efficiently. 

The Marvelous

Features of TENGU.101

Stakeholders TENGU.101


Invite all stakeholders to the workshop.

With a focus on the personal goals & needs.

TENGU.101 Data strategy

Data strategy

Visualise the data needs step by step.

Compare current process with ideal one.

Report of workshop TENGU.101

An actionable report

A summary of all our input & our advice.

Shared with all stakeholders afterwards.

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