A look at Web Summit 2019 with Tengu

Posted on 9-dec-2020 10:54:04

The first week of November 2019, we attended Web Summit in Lisbon with the full Tengu team. A week filled with joy, inspirational talks and much more. Discover all about it.

We landed Monday 4th November in the early evening, just too late to catch a seat for the opening event. Nonetheless, we had a great evening at a local restaurant. Most of the ice was already broken on the first evening, a good start of our week. 

On our way to Web Summit

Next day, we had our BETA booth day, we met lots of new and interesting people telling their data story and needs to us. It was great again to be selected for the BETA program, and getting this opportunity to showcase ourselves with our booth for one day at Web Summit. 


Second and third day, we all went to different talks and workshops to get as many inspiring inputs as possible.

IMG_20191106_095743  IMG_20191105_143147 

If there is one way to test your team spirit, it's by attending Web Summit in Lisbon with the full team and staying at the same flat. And, we survived well what a team we have! <3 

Team header

We really loved Web Summit and Lisbon as well. Great talks, great food and wonderful & cosy places to go to with a small group of nine. It was a great experience! And, finally a big thank you to our two founders for letting the full team experience this.

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