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Artiola Cakmashi

Artiola Cakmashi
Sales and Marketing intern at tengu.io | Student International Entrepreneurship
4 min read

Data-driven innovations in the beauty industry

Buying make-up products online is a challenge for most. It's very difficult to choose the right product, especially the right shade of foundation, concealer. Cosmetic products are already very expensi...

Big Data in fashion industry

There are a lot of use cases for the use of data in many diverse industries such as logistics, banking, insurance, and retail. But have you heard of the use of data in the fashion industry yet?

3 min read

Be like Hercules: what we learned from ROOV

On Thursday, 25th February 2021, we had the honour of cohosting the DataOps Ghent Meetup about DataOps in Fintech. The first speaker was Frédéric Vandenhende, CEO and co-founder of ROOV. They develope...

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