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Daphné De Troch

Daphné De Troch
CMO & Co-founder at tengu.io | Founder of the DataOps Ghent (DOG) community | Reach out to discuss open sources, DataOps and marketing related topics.

9 DataOps practices to facilitate your data catalogue and governance.

Data catalogues often come in handy to know what data is available, what it means and who's responsible for it. You could say it's the ideal tool to skip the endless data discovery phase. And get righ...

Bypass all tedious Ops work and go straight to Data Insights

TENGU - a DataOps Orchestration Platform in the Cloud (PaaS) - allows data analysts and scientists to just focus on gathering insights, analyses and predictions: no more hours spent on planning meetin...

3 min read

Getting started with DataOps - the must-read eBook for data managers and decision makers.

We're very proud to present you our just-published eBook: 'Getting started with DataOps. Best practices for creating a DataOps implementation plan', which can be yours for free. The book offers a guid...

3 min read

Discover our newest how-to guides in the TENGU knowledge base.

Have you already visited our TENGU knowledge base? If not, you definitely should! With this knowledge base, we want to make it as easy as possible to find solutions for your problems without asking fo...

4 min read

BA & Beyond 2021 congress wrap-up

This year's congress of BA & Beyond was not just a week of virtual talks, workshops and networking; it was also a look into the business analyst's latest trends. Several speakers showcased their c...

A successful DataOps implementation - part 2

This the last one of our blog series: becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility. In the previous blog, we gave you some practical tips on how to write your successful DataOps implementatio...

Financial data and fintech - back to the basics

There’s quite a bit of talk about fintech and financial data, but what exactly do these two terms stand for? Continue reading below to find out what they stand for and what they’re used for.

A successful DataOps implementation - part 1

This blog is part four of our blog series: becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility. We have already set the data strategy and mapped out our existing and required data sources & proc...

Let your data & processes work for you

This blog post is part three of our blog series: becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility. We have set a data strategy based upon the company objectives, and we mapped out our existing da...

4 min read

Our view on the Big Squeeze, Big Score and BAM Congress 2020

2020 has been the year of online congresses, for sure! It's a different experience, and interesting how you could easily switch between your day to day job and attain new insights without leaving your...

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