Open Source

Why we love ♥  open source technology

They cost nothing, and if they're properly maintained by the open source community, their quality is equal to that of their commercial competitors.
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Big Data

The 5 ways in which automation will change the big data landscape

Many companies are moving their data and applications to the cloud. This is quite unsurprising news, right? But there are 5 other trends we see appearing that you'll better keep an eye on as a...
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What's a Tengu 👺 ? The story behind our logo.

We get quite some questions about our company's logo. Why are we called Tengu? What's a Tengu? And why have we chosen this 'Tengu' to represent our company?
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De Collision conferentie | Twee Belgische startups geselecteerd

Eind april gaat in het Amerikaanse New Orleans de grootschalige tech conferentie Collision door. Met meer dan 25000 participanten is Collision een van de snelst groeiende conferenties ter...
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What we've learned on the fastest growing tech conference in the US #CollisionConf 2018

Last week our Tengu team headed to Collision Conference, the fastest growing tech conference in the US according to Forbes. Next to the fact that we've enjoyed the three sunny, jazz-filled...
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