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Thomas Vanhove

Thomas Vanhove
CEO and Co-founder Tengu

Your database is not a "computer"

The relational database; it’s been a staple of any digital enterprise since the 1960s. Together with the relational model introduced in the 1970s, it has reigned supreme for 40 years. However, in the ...

You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork, would you? - polyglot persistence

You’re back! This is part 2 of a blog series about polyglot persistence. If that word doesn’t ring a bell, I highly recommend checking out part 1 here to get started. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper i...

You wouldn't eat soup with a fork, would you? - NoSQL & SQL databases

You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork, now would you? Why? Because it isn’t the right tool for the job. You might get some soup in your mouth from time to time, but in general, it’s not an efficient way t...

Datanews Awards for Excellence 2018 nomination

Tengu has been nominated for Datanews Awards for Excellence 2018!

Tengu: the DataOps platform for easier and faster data analytics

In a data-driven world, a lot of pressure is put on the data team (data engineers, scientists, analysts ...) to make sense of the massive amount of information the other teams have stored.

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