BA & Beyond 2021 congress wrap-up

Posted on 7-apr-2021 20:21:05

This year's congress of BA & Beyond was not just a week of virtual talks, workshops and networking; it was also a look into the business analyst's latest trends. Several speakers showcased their current efforts to face the new realities: digitalisation, agility, COVID-19 and getting useful insights out of your data to benefit their projects.

What is BA & Beyond 2021, and why did we sponsor it?


BA & Beyond is a fully remote conference for Business Analysts that took place from 15th till 19th March 2021, with over 40 speakers and various workshops. That focusses on core Business Analytics competencies and aims at interaction, networking, experience sharing and actionability.  All while being fully available for anyone worldwide as virtual event

We're no strangers to the event and its organisers, as we did a talk last year at BA & Beyond, and as we share their opinion on the importance of data for business analysts. We gladly supported the event and its mission to educate, motivate, and bring together business analysts around topics such as data, agility, and more. That's why the decision to be one of this year's golden sponsor was an easy one. 

The rise of the importance of data for business analysts

While all the challenges were business-focused, it was interesting to see that many of these were in some way or form related to data and analytics. And more importantly, about helping business analysts handle, and benefit from, the massive amounts of data they have or are expecting to have in the coming years. A welcome and open invitation for Tengu to talk about the DataOps principles and the launch of our new business analyst layer and how they can solve similar challenges with it.

There were many interesting talks and workshops about data during the congress, the most memorable one was 'What business analysts need to know about data' by Yulia Kosarenko. She really explained data concepts in a comprehensible way and what benefits it could bring for business analysts if done right.

Why should business analysts care about data?

If you don't, your competitors will. Good data management allows your business to speed up, be innovative, align and collaborate within the team, company, ecosystem, etc. And, most importantly, it allows the team to perform better and reach the targets more efficiently. Now is the time to take benefit of the digital transformation; don't miss the opportunity.

Not sure how to get started? Reach out to us, and we're happy to get you started.

What we liked the most?

We really enjoyed this year's congress, so it's difficult to chose our biggest highlight as it was really well-organised and the talks and workshops were great.

However, if we would be asked to select an award for BA & Beyond, it would be the one for the congress that came closest to a real congress feeling. Thanks to the platform Wonder ( you could walk right up to one of the attendees and do some small talk in between the talks. Just like you would do in real life. 


The next edition of BA & Beyond will take place around 14th of March next year. We're already looking forward to it!

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