Bypass all tedious Ops work and go straight to Data Insights

Posted on 13-aug-2021 11:52:28

TENGU - a DataOps Orchestration Platform in the Cloud (PaaS) - allows data analysts and scientists to just focus on gathering insights, analyses and predictions: no more hours spent on planning meetings to map the data and get access, setting up your data environments, awaiting the engineering team to help you set up everything. Instead, you can immediately start on your data projects and create a positive impact on the business.

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Topics: DataOps, Tengu, Data Architecture, Data Science

Daphné De Troch

Written by Daphné De Troch

CMO & Co-founder at | Founder of the DataOps Ghent (DOG) community | Reach out to discuss open sources, DataOps and marketing related topics.

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