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Posted on 3-mei-2019 10:59:31
Is your company sitting on a large amount of data? Are you willing to do more with that data? Have you been or are you looking into ways to get more value out of it? You're not sure where to start or what you're doing is the right thing?  You are not the only one! We have met several companies with the same questions. Continue reading to learn more.

Let us lead you in becoming a data-driven company

With Tengu, you no longer have to think about how to get from your data to quick insights and wins. We take care of the complex processes between your data and your business value. You provide us your data, we connect it with Tengu and rework your data to make it ready to pull insights.

We're enabling you to react faster than your competitors on new market opportunities. Also, to further improve your products or production processes, and personalize your offer. Increasing the customers’ and employees’ experience, leading to competitive benefits and higher revenue.  

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Discover Tengu.Start, Tengu.Plus and Tengu.Core

The right tools, knowledge, people, processes to take data-driven decisions and get real value out of your data? Tengu.Start, Tengu.Plus and Tengu.Core help you step by step to become a data-driven expert. We lead companies through this complex process, starting with your first training wheels to winning a grand  tour. 

2019 - Tengu offer

Tengu.Start and Tengu.Plus for data-willing companies

If you want to start your journey to become a true data professional, and need professional guidance along the journey, you’ve come to the right place. To help you achieve this, we offer you a road map that takes off with Tengu.Start.

During two weeks, we customize Tengu - our DataOps Interface - according to your data and business needs. We insist on sharing our knowledge with you, to further grow your data expertise.

Tengu.Start gives you a first taste of how our services will get your company from data chaos to valuable information that will drive your revenue in the long term.

After two weeks, you have the option to continue your data driven journey with Tengu.Plus, and benefit from many more features. With Tengu.Plus, your data costs are more predictable. As you have one recurring price to harness the pow-er of your entire data team. Tengu.Plus offers a broad range of data possibilities, customized to your personal needs.

Tengu.Core for data-driven companies

If you already have a data team in place, and want to further improve the operational part, we offer you Tengu.Core. With Tengu.Core, we allow your data teams and professionals to run your DataOps Interface yourself.
Tengu.Core allows your teams to easily scale your data-driven process and to answer their own data questions within minutes instead of days.
We continuously improve Tengu.Core based upon lessons learned and best practices from earlier projects. In comparison to the open-source version, Tengu.Core includes extra services such as professional and dedicated support, data visualization, and much more.
Want to know if we can help with your use case? Contact us at

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