Data, open the hidden treasure inside your company.

Posted on 9-jul-2019 16:49:04

Regardless of your industry, the number of employees, company size or the complexity of your products/services… Data is omnipresent in many different channels, sources and shapes. This hidden treasure is already inside of your company, so why wouldn’t you use it to its full potential? Stop missing the opportunities your data offers today! Continue reading to learn more.

Why you should use your companies'data

By now, every business is aware that you need to create a unique and distinct position in the market to separate yourself from the competition, otherwise you simply blend in the crowd of similar companies and eventually you will drown. You need to be remembered, sticking in the mind of your customer is the key to succes.

The information flow goes faster, and is larger & more complex than ever before. Integrate the information of online search and sales behaviour, mobile applications, social media, ERP, CRM, IoT of your store, contact centers, third party data, … all in real-time. Get a clear overview of your market, customer trends, analysis of the future and use it as a powerful competitive advantage.

Act on upcoming trends before your competitors even know it’s there, be able to answer to the needs of your customers in every way. Understand the reasons why promotion A failed and promotion B was a great succes, data opens up new possibilities and makes you a smarter company. And that is exactly what needs to be done in our current digitalized and technological economy, gather your data and make it smart data.

You don't need to be a data professional to get started

Of course it is not self-evident to approach the processing of your data in a correct manner for most companies, especialy for SME’s who often have no specialized IT or data department. However, this should not be a reason to leave your data unutilised!

A common misunderstanding is that big data operations is a tool only for the happy few - large companies and multinationals with a high-skilled data department integrated in their business structure…

Build a strategy around your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, a very simple statement in theory, but in reality not as easy as it sounds. The what’s, where’s, when’s, how’s of your strategy will make or break your business. Data is a very valuable asset that contributes to your strategy in so many effective ways, it helps you to make the right decisions at the right time and avoids you to make big mistakes or miss out on important opportunities.

But how I hear you think? Where do I start the data-driven journey for my business if I don’t know anything about the matter? Start the same as every other activity that doesn’t lie within your own expertise. Analyse the potential outcome of data processing for your business. If the result ought to be positive? Partner up with a professional third party helping you to set-up your own data operations (DataOps) process or interface!

What is 'Data Operations'?

“DataOps or Data Operations is the alignment of people, process, and technology to enable more agile and automated approaches to enterprise data management in service of business goals. It aims to provide easier access to enterprise data to meet the demands of various stakeholders who are part of the data supply chain in support of a broad range of use cases.” (source: )

Why you should work with a specialized DataOps partner?

Developing your own data operations process or interface may take years (that’s probably time you don’t have), takes experts in the data field (hard to find the right well-educated people because of the war for talent in the IT sector) and may be very expensive… By the time you finished your own first actionable data processing software it might already be outdated. “Work smarter with your data instead of harder for your data.”

The solution is outsourcing, connect your business with a data operations professional with top notch software and interfaces. They use your data in a safe environment to detect valuable insights and new trends, give you visual presentations of specific data results and link different sources to create business value like never before.


To conclude, regardless of what your company looks like… The data is already present, what you need to do is open this hidden treasure. Be ready for the future and make your data smart to become smart yourself. Don't lose time on trying to build your own data operations software, and work with a good DataOps specialized partner.

Don't know where to start? We can help, have a look at our Tengu DataOps Interface page.

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Daan Penders

Written by Daan Penders

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