Tengu nominated in the DataNews awards 2020! How to vote for us:

Posted on 9-jun-2020 16:10:47


We got nominated for 'Enterprise application innovator of the year' by the DataNews awards for excellence of 2020!

What are we being nominated for? The award is aimed at technology trendsetters that open up new possibilities in the field of enterprise applications. For innovative enterprise applications that e.g. break new ground for accelerated growth, efficient business processes, additional added value or generating new business. 

And we couldn't be happier being nominated at this event!

This is a huge honour, and the first time we've been nominated for this category. But it isn't the first time we got nominated for an award for excellence, back in 2018 and 2019 we got nominated for the category 'Start-up company'.

Want to vote for us and help us get our first award? You can do this here: https://datanewsawards.be/vote-2/

Every vote is greatly appreciated!



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Jaco Van Laere

Written by Jaco Van Laere

Jaco is a marketeer and content creator at TENGU, and has a profound love for all things data, tech and media.

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