A successful DataOps implementation - part 1

Posted on 9-feb-2021 15:59:12

This blog is part four of our blog series: becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility. We have already set the data strategy and mapped out our existing and required data sources & processes to meet our goals. Now, we will walk you through writing the plan to implement your data roadmap. Continue reading to learn more.

A successful implementation starts with a good plan.

Without a sound DataOps implementation plan, you will risk getting off track and lost very quickly. A lousy plan will lead to spilt resources and a lack of trust from management in future data projects. Making things clear with an implementation plan helps people better understand why the change is needed, the expected outcomes, and their responsibility. Open communication will lead to less resistance towards the changes it implies.

What a good data implementation plan looks like

  1. Select the data strategies required to achieve and maintain the company objectives. These are the ones we will implement. 
  2. Add the map of existing data sources and processes. 
  3. Describe the SMART goals.
  4. Map out the missing data sources and processes to address the SMART goals. 
  5. Make a GAP-analysis based on the map of current and required data sources and processesGAP-analysis  blog part 4
  6. Write out the next action steps to bridge the gap between current and desired outcomes and outputs. Do this together with the stakeholders and complete data & analytics team to make it an action plan supported by everyone. 
  7. Define the necessary resources (budget, time, people), company or site-specific requirements, and responsibilities to support the implementation effort.
  8. Take into account the needs to review and revise the SMART goals and actions points, before and after implementing the plan. Therefore, you should include appropriate metrics and measurement rules

What's up next?

In part two, you will discover how to implement this action plan best and track the outcomes & outputs. Keep an eye on out on our blog overview or just subscribe to our mailing list to not miss the next posts.


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