PREMIERE: The first look into the TENGU platform

Posted on 4-jun-2020 15:22:04

With the launch of the TENGU platform getting even closer, it’s time to lift the cloth over our final product. 

Last week we've discussed the capabilities, possibilities and great expectations of our platform in our previous blog (you can also view all announced demo information on our demo page). Now is the time to put some proof behind those bold statements. To do this, we made our first demo video showcasing our platform!
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Our first demo video.

Let's get straight to it. This demo video will give you a taste of why TENGU is the DataOps platform that wil truly optimise your data team’s efficiency. Here's what we've got to show so far:


What you'll see in this video.

No time to watch a video right now? I'll summarise the key points showcased in our video:

First off we're going to go over the way TENGU visualises  your data environment and all its components such as data resources, data processing integrations like Kubernetes, Kafka and JupyterHub, and databases. Due to the graph-based view of your data, it provides a never-before-done overview of your data flow. We hope to revolutionise the way you see your data architecture and the ease of utilising your data to the fullest.

Next up, we showcase how you can organise your data environments with tags and filters. Big data always comes with the same big downside: unorganised data, making it tough for data teams to navigate their data environment that's getting complexer with each integration and added resource. For this sole purpose TENGU made easy-to-use tags and compatible multi-purpose filters, so you can focus on what matters.

Complementary to this tag system, we've included a way to add unlimited comments to any resource in your data environment, pretty nifty if you want to provide context or suggestions for the different elements in your data architecture. Perfect for collaboration within your data team!

What's next?

So far so good right? This concludes our first look into TENGU, and our second update of the exiting time that is the TENGU launch, with many more to follow!

And don't worry, our launch is still expected to happen by the end of this month, we'll have a more defined date to share with you soon.

Hopefully you’re looking forward to this as much as we are! 

So stay tuned, soon we’ll go more in-depth into the specific functions our platform will offer.

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Jaco Van Laere

Written by Jaco Van Laere

Jaco is a marketeer and content creator at TENGU, and has a profound love for all things data, tech and media.

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