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Data processing in your company, why not get most out of it?

Data processing is omnipresent in many different ways within companies, inrespective of industry, company size or product range. Most probably you already store data from customers, employees or suppl...

The 4 stages of creating an IoT architecture

There are many ways to begin an enterprise or industrial Internet of Things (IoT) journey. What's important is not to let the perceived complexity of the IoT obscure the possibilities for implementing...

How to choose the best data solution for your company?

You want to get data to the right people. You've been looking into several Data(Ops) tools, platforms and interfaces. But there are so many available, how to decide upon which one is the right one for...

Make your business data smarter with Tengu

Is your company sitting on a large amount of data? Are you willing to do more with that data?  Have you been or are you looking into ways to get more value out of it?  You're not sure where to start o...

1 min read

Tengu hosted the first DataOps Ghent Meetup

Recently, the first DataOps Ghent Meetup took place in Ghent. Their goal is to make the concept DataOps (data operations) more known and to meet other data enthusiasts. Their meetups are acessible for...

5 min read

Why we love ♥ open-source technology

They cost nothing, and if the open-source community properly maintains them, their quality is equal to that of their commercial competitors.

Datanews Awards for Excellence 2018 nomination

Tengu has been nominated for Datanews Awards for Excellence 2018!

8 min read

The 5 ways in which automation will change the big data landscape

Many companies are moving their data and applications to the cloud. This is quite unsurprising news, right? But there are 5 other trends we see appearing that you'll better keep an eye on as a data sc...

3 min read

Smart Retail Trends 2019: 18 retail experts share their thoughts.

The retail industry is facing some big challenges and the question is... are you ready for them?

1 min read

What's a Tengu 👺 ? The story behind our logo.

We get quite some questions about our company's logo. Why are we called Tengu? What's a Tengu? And why have we chosen this 'Tengu' to represent our company?

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