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2 min read

De Collision conferentie | Twee Belgische startups geselecteerd

Eind april gaat in het Amerikaanse New Orleans de grootschalige tech conferentie Collision door. Met meer dan 25000 participanten is Collision een van de snelst groeiende conferenties ter wereld. En z...

5 min read

What we've learned on the tech conference #CollisionConf 2018

Last week our Tengu team headed to Collision Conference, the fastest growing tech conference in the US according to Forbes. Next to the fact that we've enjoyed the three sunny, jazz-filled Conference ...

3 min read

Deploy Spark-Hadoop in less than 30 minutes

Suppose that we want to install an Apache Hadoop cluster with 3 Hadoop Slaves. On top of that we deploy Spark, which can be used for processing the data stored on HDFS and Zeppelin to visualize the da...

4 min read

Why Your Data Scientists are not Innovating Fast Enough

Data scientists and data engineers are in high demand these days. For instance, I see marketing agencies quickly hiring a “data scientist" out of fear for missing the "big data train" or they are afra...

Tengu: the DataOps platform for easier and faster data analytics

In a data-driven world, a lot of pressure is put on the data team (data engineers, scientists, analysts ...) to make sense of the massive amount of information the other teams have stored.

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