Getting started with DataOps - the must-read eBook for data managers and decision makers.

Posted on 9-aug-2021 12:36:38

We're very proud to present you our just-published eBook: 'Getting started with DataOps. Best practices for creating a DataOps implementation plan', which can be yours for free. The book offers a guide to get started with the proven, successful DataOps framework. It only takes you six chapters to write your first in the implementation of this data management methodology. By implementing DataOps the right way, you will complete your data projects successfully. Hence, you get the most value out of your data and be(come) a data-driven and more profitable company.

The book offers you a step by step guide and all the best practices based on +5 years of expertise in a comprehensive way for technical and business-oriented readers. Here's a small teaser of the six chapters of the eBook:

  1. Becoming data-driven is not just an IT responsibility.
    A recent report (NTT, 2019) shows that many digital transformation projects don’t succeed because all responsibility is put on the IT team, creating a disconnect between them and its other teams. In this chapter, you will read how you can avoid that gap.
  2. How to write a data strategy?
    Once you've decided to get more out of your data, you’ll need to develop a data strategy for the long term. In this chapter, you get tips on how to get started.
  3. How to map your current data and processes?
    Now that your data strategy is written down and supported by the leadership team and stakeholders, it's time for the next step in becoming a data-driven company: mapping your current data and processes. In this chapter, you learn how to handle this best.
  4. Let your data and processes work for you.
    We have set a data strategy based upon the company objectives and mapped our existing data and processes in the previous chapters. Now you'll use both to clearly define what data and processes are relevant and required to meet your targets. And more importantly, to allow you to do this in the most efficient way possible. 
  5. How to write a successful DataOps implementation plan?
    You have already set the data strategy and mapped your existing and required data sources and processes to meet your goals. Now, you'll write the plan to implement DataOps. 
  6. Best practices to implement your DataOps plan.
    In the previous chapters, we went over some practical tips on how to write a successful DataOps implementation plan. In this final chapter, we’ll discuss best practices to execute your plan and keep track of your progress towards the desired outcome. 

If you want to increase your data project's ROI or even start by doing more with your data, this eBook is the best way to start.

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eBook Getting started with DataOps


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