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Bypass all tedious Ops work and go straight to Data Insights

TENGU - a DataOps Orchestration Platform in the Cloud (PaaS) - allows data analysts and scientists to just focus on gathering insights, analyses and predictions: no more hours spent on planning meetin...

Why the data project that should’ve made you rich is failing

If you’re a fan of data, these are exciting times for you. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this is the era of big data and its application in analytics, business intelligence, machine lea...

From Git repo to easy ML pipelines - how we improved user experience.

It's about time for our first official development update since the launch of our platform! Thanks to our developers' hard work, we've got some significant updates to our platform to improve the user ...

You wouldn't eat soup with a fork, would you? - NoSQL & SQL databases

You wouldn’t eat soup with a fork, now would you? Why? Because it isn’t the right tool for the job. You might get some soup in your mouth from time to time, but in general, it’s not an efficient way t...

Our DataOps platform, from project to launch.

We had a historic week because we finally got to launch our official platform with a completely revamped user interface, and we couldn't be more proud! Read more about our journey, our platform and wa...

Data elements and graph data management with TENGU.

Another exciting week in the TENGU launch. We made our second demo video as we're gearing up and getting the platform ready to launch by the end of June. What can you expect from it? Let's take a look...

PREMIERE: The first look into the TENGU platform

With the launch of the TENGU platform getting even closer, it’s time to lift the cloth over our final product.

Tengu: the DataOps platform for easier and faster data analytics

In a data-driven world, a lot of pressure is put on the data team (data engineers, scientists, analysts ...) to make sense of the massive amount of information the other teams have stored.

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