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Big Data in fashion industry

There are a lot of use cases for the use of data in many diverse industries such as logistics, banking, insurance, and retail. But have you heard of the use of data in the fashion industry yet?

Smart vs. Big Data

When you look for business data, you often find terms like big and smart data. But what is now the difference between these two? Continue reading to find out more.

DataOps solves the data challenges of businesses.

DataOps started from a desire to deal with the data silo's, and enable non-tech savvy's to answer their questions with data. It is a best practice for handling data, making it most useful and valuable...

3 Good reasons why you should become data-driven.

Is being data-driven another buzz word or hype? Most certainly not, just like you're using a computer and the internet almost every day, data will become a fix part our day to day jobs. Not convinced?...

Data, open the hidden treasure inside your company.

Regardless of your industry, the number of employees, company size or the complexity of your products/services… Data is omnipresent in many different channels, sources and shapes. This hidden treasure...

Data processing in your company, why not get most out of it?

Data processing is omnipresent in many different ways within companies, inrespective of industry, company size or product range. Most probably you already store data from customers, employees or suppl...

How to choose the best data solution for your company?

You want to get data to the right people. You've been looking into several Data(Ops) tools, platforms and interfaces. But there are so many available, how to decide upon which one is the right one for...

Make your business data smarter with Tengu

Is your company sitting on a large amount of data? Are you willing to do more with that data? Have you been or are you looking into ways to get more value out of it? You're not sure where to start or ...

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