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TENGU Platform update: Visualise your data with Apache Superset

We've recently had a huge update with multiple new ways to manage your data environment such as better groups with collapse function, detailed overview pages that help you keep track and monitor the i...

Bypass all tedious Ops work and go straight to Data Insights

TENGU - a DataOps Orchestration Platform in the Cloud (PaaS) - allows data analysts and scientists to just focus on gathering insights, analyses and predictions: no more hours spent on planning meetin...

3 min read

Getting started with DataOps - the must-read eBook for data managers and decision makers.

We're very proud to present you our just-published eBook: 'Getting started with DataOps. Best practices for creating a DataOps implementation plan', which can be yours for free. The book offers a guid...

3 min read

Discover our newest how-to guides in the TENGU knowledge base.

Have you already visited our TENGU knowledge base? If not, you definitely should! With this knowledge base, we want to make it as easy as possible to find solutions for your problems without asking fo...

DataOps for data analytics: TENGU platform update

Our last TENGU platform update focused on enabling data science and ML pipeline orchestration. Since then, we’ve been working hard towards the next step: further enablement of data analytics orchestra...

8 min read

Internship: My story at Tengu

Let’s start by mentioning that this is not going to be your typical, technical, data(ops) related Tengu blog. This is going to be my story, the story about my internship at Tengu and how I dealt with ...

6 min read

Our highlights of 2020: a wrap-up through photos

Although there is not denying that this year was both weird and special, but at this time of year we'd like to focus on the things that got us through this year, the awesome highlights that we'd like ...

2 min read

A look at Web Summit 2019 with Tengu

The first week of November 2019, we attended Web Summit in Lisbon with the full Tengu team. A week filled with joy, inspirational talks and much more. Discover all about it.

1 min read

Ghent Startup Fair 2019

It was a pleasure to be able to participate as a startup to the Ghent Startup Fair. Thomas and myself manned the Tengu booth Tuesday 12th November and were pleasantly surprised...

From Git repo to easy ML pipelines - how we improved user experience.

It's about time for our first official development update since the launch of our platform! Thanks to our developers' hard work, we've got some significant updates to our platform to improve the user ...

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