How TENGU makes data integrations & synchronisations easy.

Posted on 19-jun-2020 11:41:38

Does TENGU include ETL data integrations and synchronisations of massive amounts of information in an easy way? Uh, yup, you heard me right, a breeze thanks to the TENGU platform.

As mentioned in our previous blog and demo video, today, we're taking a look at arguably the most essential function of our DataOps platform, integrating data components. And how TENGU keeps changes within these data components done in an external application or TENGU in sync with each other without manual interference.

GIf preview demo video 3 (2)

Our third demo video: data integrations and syncing.

Are you interested in how we solve this hassle?

In the video below, we'll show you how to create and integrate data elements. We'll also talk about what's happening under the hood of our platform. Since we're data scientists and engineers ourselves, we understand the hassle of external database changes and that you might already be using specific systems or ways to manage data elements. So we'll be taking a look at how TENGU will account for that and keep your databases in sync. 


What you'll see in this video.

Are you looking for the TL:DR? I got you.

In the video, we'll be creating a dataset using the unique ArangoDB open-source database interface. We'll show you the ease of integrating data collections and the other way around how you can use TENGU to create new items in the data collections, in this case, a table, which will automatically create new collections in ArangoDB's database interface. This is because TENGU communicates with the ArangoDB Interface to discover changes to update and adapt to internal and external changes.

And this synchronisation is necessary because we know there are (too) many systems and specific ways to process data. It's kind of the reason TENGU came to fruition. This way, you don't need to worry about manually updating or adapting to external and internal changes. It will sync with every supported data integration.

What's next?

Next week, we'll launch our next demo video about our lovely digital assistant (no, not Clippy): the TENGU Assistant! Your savvy guide through our platform.

And in case you didn't know, we'll soon launch with a bang, so keep an eye out for further updates.

Until next week!

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Jaco Van Laere

Written by Jaco Van Laere

Jaco is a marketeer and content creator at TENGU, and has a profound love for all things data, tech and media.

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