TENGU Platform update: Visualise your data with Apache Superset

Posted on 17-sep-2021 15:23:36

We've recently had a huge update with multiple new ways to manage your data environment such as better groups with collapse function, detailed overview pages that help you keep track and monitor the individual elements of it, and a lot of new supported data resources to integrate.

But in this blog, we'd like to take a closer look at one of the newly supported integrations. In our most recent update to the TENGU platform, we've added integrated support for Apache Superset, a modern data exploration and visualization platform.

This means you can visualise your data straight from the TENGU platform, and create dashboards with Superset from the same workspace that allows you to manage your data environment. With this added support, you'll be able to process data, from integration to dashboard with TENGU.

Why Apache Superset? Superset is a robust yet flexible tool that perfectly fits our mission to turn our platform into a unified workspace for everything data from A to Z.

You can use the TENGU platform to directly connect your databases and tables to Apache Superset's dashboards and multiple visualisation options. 

This way, there's no struggling with usernames and passwords, just register your data straight from Tengu into Apache Superset and you're all set up. Your Superset integration will then be available as an element in your graph, making it easy to understand what data is connected to your dashboards as well.

Very soon we'll be able to provide you with more resources on how to use Apache Superset with the TENGU platform, in the form of knowledge base articles and how-to videos.

Interested in using the TENGU platform for your data projects? Click the link below to shedule a demo where we can see how TENGU can help you get more out of your data.

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We hope you enjoy turning the data you can manage in the TENGU platform into beautiful visuals and dashboards with the help of Apache superset.

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Jaco Van Laere

Written by Jaco Van Laere

Jaco is a marketeer and content creator at TENGU, and has a profound love for all things data, tech and media.

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