Our DataOps-platform, from project to launch.

Posted on 26-jun-2020 11:43:58

We had a historic week, because we finally got to launch our official platform with a completely revamped User Interface, and we couldn't be more proud! Read more about our journey, our platform and watch the launch trailer below.

Launch post

A long journey.

What started 7 years ago as a project to help our founder Thomas Vanhove during his doctorate studies, quickly gained momentum with the realization that it could solve many of the problems that data scientists and engineers face when handling big data. After an arduous journey, this serendipity fully realized itself into the innovative DataOps platform that got released this week.

Our Innovative platform.

If you've read our previous blogs, you probably already have a clear idea what our platform is about, but just to recap: our platform innovates the way data teams work with big data, essentially it allows them to control their entire data environment and build the data architecture that perfectly suit their needs. With complete oversight in a single graph view, automatic integration and updating, easy monitoring, and data quality control, it'll certainly optimize the way you work and it already boasts a 40% rate of efficiency improvement.

Our launch trailer, and all the struggles TENGU helps you overcome.

To commemorate our launch, we made a launch trailer that features all the current functions that it contains at launch, and how these can solve the most common struggles data teals face today. And don't worry, while the list is already impressive if we may say so ourselves, we'll keep adding even more functionalities so keep an eye out for our product updates! You can watch the trailer below, and don't forget to like, subscribe and hit the bell to be notified for future updates, tutorials, and demo videos! (And while you're at it, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram).


Thank you for your continuous support and interest! It made us go through this journey and keeps up going forward!

And of course a huge shout out to the entire Tengu Team that made this possible, from the back end developers that made it work, to the front end developers that made it look exquisite, and the sales and marketing team that helps support the dream of approachable big data!

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Jaco Van Laere

Written by Jaco Van Laere

Jaco is a marketeer and content creator at TENGU, and has a profound love for all things data, tech and media.