Be like Hercules: what we learned from ROOV

Posted on 9-mrt-2021 17:22:18

On Thursday, 25th February 2021, we had the honour of cohosting the DataOps Ghent Meetup about DataOps in Fintech. The first speaker was Frédéric Vandenhende, CEO and co-founder of ROOV. They developed a personal finance app that’s all about saving money with analytical insights. Or, as they put it themselves: make your administration and accounting exciting and get more quality time for less effort.  

Let’s start with a little background story. The main reason why Frédéric founded the app was  that his private administration was a mess and a bothersome chore. He did have his accountant, who, as Frédéric describes, is the goalkeeper of his company and did everything for his company’s administration and finances. , Today, ROOV has become the “goalkeeper” for business-to-consumers (B2C); the digital accountant for the individuals to save money. 

“ROOV is doing what Hercules did with the stables: cleaning up the mess and creating clarity and overview in your personal finance with minimal effort.” 


Hercules had to clean the stables of 30 000 cows in just one day. This task seemed impossible since the stables’ owner didn’t clean them in 30 years. By changing how the riverbed flew, Hercules cleaned the stables without making a lot of effort and managed to meet the deadline.

“ROOV is your Hercules”

ROOV  uses financial data streams to clean up “the mess” in your finances to create clarity, control insights, and optimise your spendings without making a lot of effort. 

What about privacy?

Customers are 100% in control of their data. ROOV does not share your data with third parties unless you explicitly ask it (e.g., discover optimisations). And, most importantly, your data is never sold to other parties. It’s the customer that always decides what happens with their data.

What does ROOV want to achieve?

ROOV wants to be the fintech B2C app that saves you the most money. For instance, one of ROOV’S investors saved 1,500.00 EUR in one day thanks to the application. 

To conclude

ROOV showed us how our private financial data could work for us and optimise our finances as efficiently as possible. This is what exactly DataOps is about: democratising the data and letting it work for you without extra effort, even if you are not a data engineer, scientist or analyst. Keep an eye on ROOV as they launch their app officially this week.

You can watch the talk at the DataOps Ghent YouTube channel.

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Artiola Cakmashi

Written by Artiola Cakmashi

Sales and Marketing intern at | Student International Entrepreneurship

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