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What's a Tengu 👺 ? The story behind our logo.

We get quite some questions about our company's logo. Why are we called Tengu? What's a Tengu? And why have we chosen this 'Tengu' to represent our company?

Well let's tell you. A Tengu is a Japanese mythological creature found in folk. In these mythological stories, the Tengu trains the Samourai warriors. One Tengu can educate a lot of Samourai at the same time. Our on this Japanese based logo, reflects the idea that with one Tengu (platform), you as a company or city can act like several strong Samourai or data experts in real life ;-) The Tengu automation platform creates fast, flexible and future-minded IoT solutions as if you where a team of several data experts, just like one Tengu enables to train several Samourai. 







#TeamTengu 👺