Why you should attend Collision 2019!

Posted on 17-mei-2019 16:36:28

Next week, the fifth edition of Collision Conf takes place, this time in Toronto. What started as a small spin-off of Websummit has now become North-America's biggest tech conference with 25,000 attendees, 1,300 exhibitors and 100 speakers from 10 countries on the record for this edition. No need to say it is the place to be if you want to get to know the latest trends and newest startups in tech.

Personally, I'm looking forward to attend Collision Conf 2019 because:

  1. it's the perfecte place to meet like-minded people as well as other startups from all over the world.
  2. you learn more about tech in different industries, countries and type of companies.
  3. get a flavor of upcoming trends in tech.
  4. you have a week to share thoughts and experiences with other attendees.
  5. in less than 1 week time you have a full list of new ideas to try out.
  6. the world-class speakers and big variety of topics at the Collision 2019 schedule.
  7. everyone tells me it has a festival-like atmosphere with fun events and good talks.
  8. Tengu is allowed to the beta-startup program.
Hope to see you at Collision for a quick 1-2-1 meeting or visit at our booth (Tuesday -B168).


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Daphné De Troch

Written by Daphné De Troch

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