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The Retail Factory

The Retail Factory
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About The Retail Factory

The Retail Factory assists retailers to count, measure and analyse trends and shopper's behaviour in their shop(s).
They use specialized sensors placed in the different retail shops, malls and cities to measure this data.

Their challenges

The Retail Factory was looking for a specialized partner to help them build a data interface (back end) and dashboard (visualization) to allow retailers to work smarter with their data.
Also, to be able to do this the data needed to be stable, easily scalable with new sensors, dashboards and analyses.
The Retail Factory

Tengu.Plus & custom development

 The Retail Factory elaborated in cooperation with us a high-level proof of concept based on statistic data coming from their sensors.
In the following stage, we developed a customized DataOps Interface that enables them to analyse and process their data in real time.
We communicate on a regular basis with The Retail Factory on the newest changes and additional requests from their side. This is important to further fine-tune Tengu, the DataOps Interface, according to their data needs, resulting into more customized dashboards and reports.

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