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Making Data Most Useful

We help companies become data-driven and

increase the efficiency of the data profiles.

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Achieve your objectives with useful data

Companies today generate and own a lot of data, spread throughout their entire organisation. Different teams and departments are using different systems which effectively creates data islands that are cut off from each other. However, many of these companies want to start using data science, machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) to boost their business. This is an arduous task given the disparity of their data.

Tengu is the Platform-as-a-Service solution that overcomes these struggles. It connects to the data sources of the company, streamlines and standardises the data by designing their own data pipelines and environments. This makes it easier for data scientists to work with machine learning and AI, and for business analysts to input this data into dashboards and business intelligence tools to get real-time insights.

Start with your first data-driven steps to win the Grand Tours.

Unlike other PaaS providers, we believe it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the convenience of the users. We help companies to better understand their data needs: what objectives they want to achieve and what data is needed to get there. Therefore, we offer extra services like workshops, share our knowledge and build the DataOps Community, where people present their cases and questions, and help each other to find the best data solution.

This is how we help companies become data-driven, increase the efficiency of data profiles and above all, how we make data most useful.

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Why become data-driven with TENGU?

DataOps Experts

Our talented team has a high level of expertise, and are ready to take you to the next level.

Achieve your goals more efficiently

We guide you to define a data strategy and start on your data-driven roadmap based on your objectives.

Useful & Carefree

Don't spend a large amount of time and money on trying to become data-driven; let us guide you with our expertise and advice. 

Let our clients convince you

Peter De Gryse

Peter De Gryse

Partner - IkJeuneMie!

"Tengu delivered our first data-driven dashboard in only two weeks time. We couldn't have done this faster ourselves. Their hands-on, no-nonsense approach made it very simple for us to start with our data-driven journey."

Peter D'Hoore

Peter D'Hoore

CEO - The Retail Factory

"Thanks to Tengu's clear vision and talented team, we were able to quickly get to a high standard product. Their data expertise and onboarding service is exactly what is needed for a company to become data-driven."

The industries we know best

Data solutions for retail

More revenue with insights into shoppers' behaviour.
Work more efficiently with a data-driven order system.
Strengthen the market position with real-time data.
Show me the retail solutions.

Data solutions for logistic services

Make the supply chain more insightful.
Improve the tracking with real-time data
Optimise the operational efficiency.
Show me the logistic solutions.

Data solutions for banking

Connect all data sources at one platform.
Work smarter with a single customer view.
Get quick insights from real-time data.
Show me the banking solutions.

Data solutions for insurance

Integrate several data sources in one platform.
Obtain actionable insights for a single customer view.
Get real-time insights from the data.
Show me the insurance solutions.

How does Tengu work for you?

We have several use cases for your industry and would love to tell you more about them during a discovery call.


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"Talent wins games; Teamwork wins Championships."

Our highly specialized skilled team, assures you get the best value out of your data! Team Tengu is a beautiful mix of software engineers, mathematicians, marketers, sales and many more.

We are a startup with high ambitions and believe in the power of our team to get us there.

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