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We help companies navigate the complexity of
building and operating a data-driven business.

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Turn your data into a profit center

Whether you are facing the complexity of building a data driven company or trying to navigate through the millions of data points in your existing business, in today’s fast-paced market data is key. But, how do you get value out of your data?

Tengu leads you step by step through this complex process. We offer customized and self-supporting data operations interfaces and insist on a hands-on knowledge transfer. We connect the right people with the right data resulting in growth of your business value and revenue.

Grow your business value

From data idea to business value

Our data solutions help you achieve your business objectives.
Starting with your first data training wheels (idea and strategy) to winning a grand tour (revenue and profit growth).
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Why become data-driven with Tengu?

Dataops Expertise

Our talented team has a high level of data expertise, and are ready to take your idea to the next level.

We make your idea come true

We guide you to define a data strategy and get started with your road map based upon your idea.


Don't spend a large amount of time and money on trying to become data-driven by yourself. 

Let our clients convince you

Peter De Gryse

Peter De Gryse

Partner - IkJeuneMie!

"Tengu delivered our first data-driven dashboard in only two weeks time. We couldn't have done this faster ourselves. Their hands-on, no-nonsense approach made it very simple for us to start with our data-driven journey."

Peter D'Hoore

Peter D'Hoore

CEO - The Retail Factory

"Thanks to Tengu's clear vision and talented team, we were able to quickly get to a high standards product. Their data expertise and onboarding service is exactly what is needed for a company to become data-driven."

Achieve your objectives with smart data

Smart Retail Example

Smart Retail

Have real-time insights in your shoppers' behaviour. Take decisions on pricing, promotions and ordering based upon real-time data.

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Smart profiling example

Smart Targeting/Profiling

Use your smart data to get a 360° customer view with insights on their profile, motivations & behaviour. Personalize your communication.

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Smart data aggregation

Smart Data Aggregation

Collect all data at one place. Make smart data accessible for the right people at the right time to better achieve your business objectives.

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How Tengu works for your industry?

We have several use cases for your industry and would love to tell you more about them during a first meeting.


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 Meet #TeamTengu

"Talent wins games, Teamwork wins Championships"

Our highly technological skilled team, assures you get the best value out of your data! Team Tengu is a wonderful mix of software engineers, mathematicians, marketers, sales and many more. We are a startup with high ambitions and believe in the power of our team to get us there.

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