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#Empower Your Data Scientists
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 Big Data  deployments 
in minutes, not weeks

Tengu is an automation platform created for Big Data teams that love open-source technologies.
By using Tengu, there is no more need to manually install, configure or integrate the technologies required. This allows you to immediately focus on conceptualization, business intelligence and less on operations. 


Lightning Fast

Deploy Big Data Infrastructures in minutes instead of weeks.



Tengu loves open-source technologies, lowering your total cost of ownership.

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No Vendor Lock-in

Open to all kinds of Big Data processing, storage or cloud components, preventing vendor lock-in.

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Public or Private Clouds

Deploy in private (Bare metal, VMWare, Open Stack,..) or public clouds (Google, Amazon, Azure,..)

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Total freedom to choose proprietary- or open-source tools that best suit your
data science projects.



Hardware, services and clusters are continuously monitored for benchmarking purposes.

With Tengu in the core of the City of Things R&D Data Platform, the effort to set up and maintain all required IoT data components is greatly reduced. At the same time, Tengu allows us to easily scale up for future research use cases and to remain very flexible and open in order to support novel (big data) technologies and server configurations.

Philip Leroux

Operational Lead City of Things project

I was astonished when I saw Tengu setting up our systems in a fully automated way. It makes a huge difference when you can start processing after 5 minutes instead of days or even weeks. What's more; instant experimentation with open-source technologies gave us the opportunity to quickly validate business cases and move on to production.

Steven Van Canneyt

Lead Data Scientist at Realo



Deploy Tengu while managing your own infrastructure. 

Tengu helps Big Data teams to stay at the forefront of Big Data technologies. They stay competitive by quickly validating Big Data use cases and integrating them into their businesses.


Tengu Reseller

Package your custom cloud solution with Tengu and bring it to your customers.

Interface easily with already deployed solutions, maintaining your flexibility without the complexity.


Tengu Cloud -coming soon-

Our pay-per-use model for setting up, experimenting with and running big data applications. 

Discover which technologies work best for you by instantly deploying proof-of-concepts. 

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Open-source license for the research community


Tengu commercial5.png

For use in commercial applications

195 € / Core / Month



Take a Test Drive

Request a free trial or contact us for more information:

Based on years of research

Years ago, Tengu was originally created during the PhD of Thomas Vanhove at Ghent University to support researchers in Big Data experimentation. The platform got a following among researchers at the IBCN research group and was used in several projects together with industry partners such as ID&T, VRT and Newsmonkey.


Our mission

With the Tengu Platform, Qrama unburdens data teams from IT enabling them to excel.





Qrama, a Ghent UniversityIMEC spin-off, is the company behind Tengu and continues the research with the goal to become the only and most efficient, automated toolbox for easier and faster data analysis.

Our vision

By innovating in automation platforms, we leverage (open) innovation by drastically simplifying Big Data deployments that deliver better results at a much lower cost.