Making Data Most Useful
 With DataOps

Improve the efficiency of your data & analytics roles,

energise growth and fuel innovation every day.

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Tackle your data challenges efficiently with TENGU.

No more waiting on
the necessary data.

The analyst can instantly start with data analysis and gain insights that generate added value for the business.

Stay in control of 
your data processes.

TENGU takes care of the repetitive and less productive operational tasks with automatisation & self-service.

Create a positive impact
on the business.

Data consumers spend 80 % of their time finding and filtering data, while their true expertise is in creating business insights.

Less meetings and tickets, faster availability of data.

Data and its fast availability are rapidly growing in importance for businesses. Valuable data is often spread across different teams and systems. Yet to benefit from data science, machine learning, business intelligence and data governance, it’s necessary to prevent data silos and data inconsistency. The DataOps discipline lets you face these challenges.

TENGU is a DataOps Orchestration Platform that facilitates you to work the DataOps way. By using the platform, business, analytics & data teams need fewer meetings and service tickets to collect data, and can start right away with the data relevant to furthering the company. Just ask Tengu, and we'll get you set up.

Tengu is not just a technology...

Unlike other DataOps Orchestration Platform providers, we: 

  • believe it's about the users' convenience, and not just the technology. This user could be a specialist or non-specialist in data.
  • offer supportive services to help the business better understand what data is needed to achieve their objectives.
  • build the DataOps Community to share knowledge and help each other find the best solution.

This is how we enable the business to solve their data challenges and set up the right data & analytics workflows according to the DataOps discipline. And above all, how we make data most useful.

Let our clients convince you

Bruno D'hulster

Bruno D'Hulster

Founder - SportaMundi

"The workshop already gave us great insights to further develop our platform."

Peter D'Hoore

Peter D'Hoore

CEO - The Retail Factory

"Thanks to Tengu's clear vision and talented team, we were able to quickly get to a high standard product. Their data expertise and onboarding service is exactly what is needed for a company to become data-driven."

The industries we know best

DataOps in Banking

Connect all data sources at one platform.
Work smarter with a single customer view.
Get quick insights from real-time data.
Show me the banking solutions.

DataOps in Insurances

Integrate several data sources in one platform.
Obtain actionable insights for a single customer view.
Get real-time insights from the data.
Show me the insurance solutions.

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Our talented team assures you of getting the most value out of your data! Team Tengu is a beautiful mix of software engineers, mathematicians, marketers, sales and many more.

We are a start-up with high ambitions and believe in the power of our team to get us there.

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