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Big Data Workspaces

Create Your Own

Choose from 260+ big data technologies to create your own digital workspace, deployed and configured by Tengu.

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Or deploy your predefined workspace

Machine Learning

The machine learning workspace has Apache Spark in its core, including all the tools you need.

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Internet of Things

Based on Apache Storm, this workspace gives you all you need for stream processing sensor data.

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Manage and deploy microservices using Kubernetes, deployed by Tengu.

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Tengu Platform

Tengu is an automation platform created for big data teams that love open-source technologies.
By using Tengu, there is no more need to manually install, configure or integrate the technologies required. This allows you to immediately focus on conceptualization, business intelligence and less on operations.
Learn more about the Tengu Platform on our product page
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The number of minutes it takes to deploy a big data workspace
The number of apps Tengu can deploy and support
How much percent we make it easier for you to deploy big data infrastructure