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Making Data Most Useful

Looking to get the most out of your data?

We empower you to make impactful decisions,

and build great data solutions for you.

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No data challenge is too big for us

Use data to unlock your commercial benefits

We turn your data into insights that create value for the entire company and a competitive advantage with a quicker time-to-market.

Getting insights out of data becomes a piece of cake

We set up the data processes & systems that give you valuable insights in a timely manner that let you achieve your goals.

We implement the best data journey for your needs

Together we determine the ideal data strategy, the desired outcomes and set up the appropriate processes and systems.

Data is the new oil that we extract for you

As data and its impact on the business are rapidly becoming more important, making it crucial to gather and visualise all relevant data spread across your systems and processes. This way, you will operate more efficiently and quickly in your market. 

Data science, business intelligence, data automation, data governance or building your data platform are maybe some of the things on your wish list to implement. Getting there is a very complex & time-intensive process and requires highly technical skill sets, which takes much time (and resources) to add to your company. 

Tengu unburdens you by implementing the data journey you need to start right away and make data-driven business decisions. It doesn’t have to stop there; we can future-proof your business with the best practices - such as the DataOps discipline - to prevent silos and unfinished or unused data projects.

The result? An efficient, aligned and data-minded business team that finds new ways to reduce operational costs and increases revenue by discovering new markets.

Tengu is not just a consultancy

We’ll go above and beyond your needs.
  • We guide you beyond your data project and help you better understand what is needed to achieve your objectives efficiently.
  • We believe it's about your convenience - whether you’re a data specialist or not.
  • We build the DataOps Community to share knowledge and help each other find the best solution.
  • Thanks to our self-built/own DataOps Orchestration platform, TENGU, we’re able to set up your data project in no time, with the tech stack that’s ideal for your situation.
  • We’ll make sure that in the long term, you can be self-sufficient and be able to work with your own data team in the future if you wish so.
This is how we enable the business to solve their data challenges and set up the right data & analytics workflows according to the DataOps discipline. And above all, how we make data most useful.

Discover The TENGU platform

To solve the most complex of data problems, we developed our own DataOps orchestration platform.
The platform makes not only setting up a data environment a breeze but also enables efficient data and pipeline management.
Aside from our services, we also offer our platform to existing data teams to streamline their work and increase their efficiency.
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Let our clients convince you

Bruno D'hulster

Bruno D'Hulster

Founder - SportaMundi

"The workshop already gave us great insights to further develop our platform."

Peter D'Hoore

Peter D'Hoore

CEO - The Retail Factory

"Thanks to Tengu's clear vision and talented team, we were able to quickly get to a high standard product. Their data expertise and onboarding service is exactly what is needed for a company to become data-driven."

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Our talented team assures you of getting the most value out of your data! Team Tengu is a beautiful mix of software engineers, mathematicians, marketers, sales and many more.

We are a start-up with high ambitions and believe in the power of our team to get us there.

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