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  1. The importance of data protection
  2. Processing activities
  3. Rights of the data subject
  4. Contact

The importance of data protection

Qrama NV values your privacy and by using and adhering to this policy wants to protect the data they process. Qrama NV wants to capture on a strategic level how personal data is protected and which responsibilities are assigned. This privacy policy does not cover any processing of data by third parties or
our customer-oriented services. There is a separate privacy policy for customers using Tengu. If a newer version of this privacy policy is published, the old one expires.
As a big data processor, we take privacy very seriously. We will treat your data the way we would want to see our personal data treated by other companies.

The processing is based upon these grounds of processing.

  •  If you give us your v-card, we see this as consent, but we will only use it for the intended purpose. For instance, if you only wanted to be contacted about our courses and not our product, we will only contact you about our courses.
  • Posting comments on blogs, requesting demo’s will be processed through consent.
  • If you give us your data through enrollment for a course, we will process your data on a contractual basis, since you pay us to provide these courses.
  • Job applications are also processed on a consent basis, if you send us your resumé, we’ll ask you if we can process your data.
  • Requests for demo’s are processed on a contractual basis.
  • Event slots are processed on a consent basis.
  • All other processing activities are based on consent, unless stated otherwise.
In agreement with GDPR, 2016/679, regulations, this document serves as a guideline to inform you of your rights and how your data is used.
All your collected data is stored within our company and remains within the EU.

Processing activities

1. Website

The following data is processed through our general contact forms on the website, be it the regular contact form or the call me form.
  • Name
  • Company (optional)
  • Street and number (optional)
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Message
All your requests will only be provided to the relevant part of the company. If your request is technical, technical teams will be contacted to provide assistance to this request. If your request is sales-oriented, sales teams will be asked to provide assistance to your request.
We save the data from our contact form for as long as the request is relevant. The data of a request for information will be deleted as soon as it is no longer relevant. If you want to see your data deleted sooner, please contact us, as described below.

2. Contests

We collect only the necessary data to provide our service to you. The data we collect is
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Workplace address
You can opt in to be contacted for marketing purposes. This is not required and does not affect your chances of winning the contest. You can later opt out by simply unsubscribing through our email system or by contacting us directly. 
We save this data for as long as announcing the winner and sending the prize takes, but we promise we don’t drag it out. If we organize these contests, we need to get back to you to inform you whether you have won or not. If you have not, we’ll delete your data after the contest unless you chose to be contacted for further marketing purposes. If you have won, we will use your data to contact you and to inform you of your prize, and if you chose to be contacted for marketing purposes, we’ll send this as well. 

3. V-cards

If you gave us your v-cards, we have put your name, email, phone number, function title, where we met you and company in our CRM. The first time we will contact you, we will give you the option to remove all your data from our system through our ‘unsubscribe’ function.
If we haven’t contacted you yet, but you would like to see your data removed from our system, just contact us from the email or phone number you have provided us, and we’ll delete everything immediately. 
V-cards will be put in our CRM and will stay there for two years after our last contact. The card in itself will be shredded as soon as it is put in the CRM.

4. Courses

We sometimes organize courses in the field we specialize in. If you want to enrol in these courses, we need some data to guide you properly. The data we collect is
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • A message about what to expect from this workshop
We need this data to tell you what is in this course and to see who we will be having in our class. We also try to provide a tailored experience, hence why we would like to hear from you what you expect in this workshop. We save your data for two years because we try to provide follow-up courses and provide availability for follow-up questions. If you want to see your data removed sooner, just contact us, and we will delete it accordingly.

5. Blog

You can subscribe to our blog; this means we’ll send you an email once there is a new blog. The data we collect is
  • Name
  • Email
We need this data to contact you once there is a new blog available. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive an email notification. We’ll keep your data as long as you don’t unsubscribe. Want to unsubscribe? You can click on the link in the provided email. If you unsubscribe, we’ll delete your data accordingly.

6. Job applications

If you apply for a job with us, we will process what you send, which usually is an email and a resumé. We will then ask you if we can process your data. If it does not work out, we will delete all your data, the email traffic and every document you sent our way. This means that if you re-apply, you will need to send everything again.

7. Events

If you want to speak with us on events, this implies booking a meeting. The data we collect is
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company website
  • Subject of the meeting
  • Timeslot
After the event we’ll store all the info you provide with your consent, you can find more info under the chapter ‘v-cards’. Otherwise we’ll delete everything maximum 30 days after the event.

8. Download content (eBooks, company brochures)

We offer eBooks & company brochures on our website. The data we collect is
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Company website
We need this information to mail you the documents. We don’t want to put our documents publicly available. In our first contact, we’ll ask you if you want to stay informed by signing up for our newsletter. If you don’t want to, we’ll delete your data 30 days after our first contact. You can have your information removed sooner if you contact us.

9. Trial/demo request form 

When you fill in a request to get access to a demo version of Tengu, the data we collect is
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number, optional if you want to be contacted this way
  • Company, optional
  • Which function you have in that company
  • The reason why you want a demo
We have some optional fields that allow us to form an image of the people requesting our software. This is purely for marketing purposes and will serve as an aggregated view of the type of people who are interested in us.

10. Become a test user / new feature request

If you want to become a test user or request a new feature, the data we collect is
  • Name
  • Email
  • Company so we can prioritize this request if required
  • Why you want to become this test user or request this feature

11. Newsletter

When you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect
  • Name 
  • Email
If you want to stop receiving this newsletter, contact us or click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every mail.  If you unsubscribe, we’ll delete your data accordingly. As long as you don’t unsubscribe, we assume you remain interested in our content.

12. The TENGU platform

When using the TENGU platform, we process your data on behalf of a controller. Our entire service is based upon processing data given to us. How the data is processed, is decided by the people who provide the data. If you want to remove data from Tengu, we kindly ask you to go through your controller.

Rights of the data subject

The following chapters list all the rights of the data subject when not using Tengu. All data subject rights concerning Tengu should go via the controller.
All requests can be addressed to info@tengu.io or dpo@qrama.io. We ask you kindly to mail from the e-mail address that we have in our possession. If that is impossible, please provide a picture of only the front side of your ID card. We do this to prevent unauthorised access. Once the request is fulfilled, your mail with the picture of your ID card will be removed. 
1. Access
You have access to your data at all times. If you request your data, please do so by providing a valid proof. We will provide the data in a readable format of your choosing. 
2. Rectification
You can contact us at all times to rectify your data. You can only correct the personal data of other people if you have a signed authorisation to do so. We will contact you once this request has been executed. 
3. Deletion
You can contact us at all times to delete your data. We will only delete your data if this is possible. We can delete information requests even if the request is still ongoing. This will halt your information request.
If you withdraw your consent, we will also delete your data in our possession where possible.


We try our utter and utmost best to write this as comprehensible as possible, but if you have any questions regarding privacy or this privacy policy, all requests can be sent to info@tengu.io or dpo@qrama.io, Qrama NV, +32 (0)9 39 63 202, Dendermondsesteenweg 50, 9000 Gent.
We try to keep this up to date as much as we can as well. Did we miss something? Do you think something is not covered? Let us know! We appreciate your feedback.
Even though we kindly ask you to contact us first, all complaints can be filed with the Belgian Data protection authority on https://www.dataprotectionauthority.be/.

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