DataOps in Insurances

Migitate risk of fraud.

Improve customer experience by personalisation.

Increase revenue and lower your operational costs.

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Data challenges of the insurance industry.

As insurers deal with complex regulations and large amounts of data, spread between systems, silos, and different tools, structuring data to enable insights helps them use data to the advantage of their businesses
Better insights into data allow companies in the insurance industry to:
  • Personalise product offerings and services to improve the customer experience.
  • Migitate risk of fraud by optimising insight on each customer or prospect, and performing accurate risk management and fraud detection,
  • Improve revenue by optimizing sales opportunities, and identifying opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling
  • Lower operational costs by creating efficiency in customer service, such as accelerating the claim processing and lessen the administrative workload.
DataOps is a data management framework that supports insurers to optimise the data-to-insights flow in a scalable manner.
How data can help insurances tackle challenges

Grow your business with the DataOps approach.

how DataOps approach increase efficiency of insurances
By implementing the DataOps approach, you:
  • Reduce the time people spend on organising, finding and gaining access to data from 80 to 40%.
  • Make relevant data immediately & securely accessible to your business and data analysts.
  • Let people focus on what really matters: gathering the insights to make profitable decisions.
  • Increase revenue with an average of 5.23% increase and reduce operational costs with an average of 4.8% decrease (CSA, 2020).
If you choose not to work the DataOps way, your data-to-insights flow will take months instead of minutes, increasing your risk of losing market opportunities and not foreseeing risks of fraud.

Making your data most useful with DataOps.

TENGU is a DataOps Orchestration Platform that enables you to solve your data challenges and set up the right data & analytics workflows according to the DataOps discipline. 
Unlike other DataOps Orchestration Platform providers, we: 
  • believe it's about the users' convenience and not just the technology. This user could be a specialist or non-specialist in data.
  • offer supportive services to help the business better understand what data is needed to achieve their objectives.
  • build the DataOps Community to share knowledge and help each other find the best solution.

Companies we empowered to work the DataOps way with TENGU.

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