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Integrate data from multiple sources into one platform.

Benefit from an actionable single customer view.

Gain real-time & comprehensive insights into your data.

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Tackle your challenges with a data-driven approach

Customers want personalised services; therefore making useful data is vital. The big question that remains is how to optimise the flow of big data, how to structure data that enables insights, generating revenue and lowering operational costs.

It requires dealing with large amounts of data and complex regulations. This data is located in CRM, quotes, claims and external systems. Because data isn’t centralised, there’s no single customer view or full customer profile.

This results in the inability to offer a tailored customer experience, missed sales opportunities and loss of revenue. Such as not identifying opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling and generating higher operational costs due to inefficiency.

Big data also helps mitigate risks and detect fraud. They are calculating risk by collecting data on the probability of natural disasters, driving behaviour, lifestyle, and more. Helping insurance companies offer the best policy with the lowest risk.
How data can help insurances tackle challenges

Boost your business with DataOps solutions

how DataOps approach increase efficiency of insurances
Using the DataOps approach makes data accessible to the right people,
saving more than 50 % of their time on finding and gaining access to data. And reduce the 80 % of the time they spend on organising big data by 40 %. This way, they can focus on what matters: gathering the right insights that help you make profitable decisions.

Research also shows that smart data solutions increase revenue with a reported average of 13 % increase and reduce operational costs with a reported average of 16 % decrease (BARC, 2015).
Implementing a DataOps approach will enable you to:
  • offer a personalised service thanks to a single customer view,
  • perform accurate risk management and fraud detection,
  • identify of up- and cross-selling opportunities, and 
  • accelerate claim processing and lessen administrative workload.

Tengu’s solution: more than just a platform

Unlike other data solution providers, we believe it's not just about the technology; it's about the convenience of the users. We help companies to understand better their data needs and how to handle this flow of data.
  • Ideal quality-price ratio: next to Tengu, our Platform-As-A-service solution, we offer services like workshops, custom development, in-house training and many more.
  • Expertise: our team are experts in data operations and together with the DataOps community, that we're building, we'll solve any challenge with a data-driven approach. Discover our customer success stories below
  • Convenience: we help you become data-driven, with increasing the efficiency of your data profiles and above all, make your data most useful.

Learn more about how we manage big data in the insurance sector below.

How Tengu can help you as a partner

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