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DOG Meetup

Tengu is a sponsor of the DataOps Ghent Meetup. During the meetup, topics like open data, data processes, DataOps, etc. are explained in an easy & non-technical way.

Check the meetup group to discover the next event remote or in Ghent.

Missed the previous ones? Don't worry, you can find most talks at the DataOps Ghent Meetup YouTube channel.

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28-30 September 2021 - VIRTUAL

DataOps Summit 2021

Hosted by StreamSets, the summit will put you at the centre of DataOps action. Get behind-the-scenes insight from data-savvy organizations that are already putting DataOps into practice. 

Our very own Thomas Vanhove will be one of the DataOps Summit speakers, talking about 'Why meta should mean everything to us in DataOps?'

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DataOps Summit 2021
The big score

30 November - 2 December 2021 - Ghent

The Big Score 2021

The Big Score is focused on squeezing time and accelerating interaction between three essential tech branches: high-growth data tech solutions, international venture capital and corporate innovation sourcing.

Tengu is one of the European innovative tech startups doing a live pitch in front of international VCs and corporates. 

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