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Data challenges in Retail

As a retailer you need to understand and predict consumer behaviour, this is  possible thanks to big data. Relevant data comes from lots of different sources such as store transactions, GPS signals, social media, and even the weather. The unstructured nature of data hinders generating meaningful insights.

Yet demand of customers for personalised experience is growing. But due to the overload of data, companies can't generate a single customer view. Staying competitive requires accurate and real-time data. So you can gain predictive insights, offer a tailored service, and  be ahead of the competition.

Companies need to be able to offer their products at times of customer peaks. Requiring available stock, but inefficiënt stock management leads to higher inventory costs. This requires data-driven stock management with predictions of trends, based on real-time data, combined with integration of automated purchases when low on stock for lower operational costs.
Smart shop displays - How data could help retail tackle challenges

DataOps solutions to boost your business

Smart retail - How DataOps can increase efficiency in retail
Using the DataOps approach makes data accessible to the right people,
saving more than 50% of their time on finding and gaining access to data. And reduce the 80% of their time they spend on organising big data by 40%. This way they can focus on what really matters: gathering the right insights that help you make profitable decisions.

Research shows that smart data solutions increase revenue with a reported average of 5.23% increase and reduce operational costs with a reported average of 4.8% decrease (CSA, 2020).
Implementing a DataOps approach will enable you to:
  • decrease stocking, sales and marketing costs,
  • increase revenue thanks to more upselling and cross-selling opportunities,
  • transform towards being a client-centric retailer, and
  • identify most valuable customers, apply the right retention strategies and increase their customer life-time value.

Tengu’s solution: more than just a platform

Unlike other data solution providers, we believe it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the convenience of the users. We help companies to better understand their data needs and how to handle this flow of data.
  • Ideal quality-price ratio: next to Tengu, our Platform-As-A-service solution, we offer services like workshops, custom development, in-house training and many more.
  • Expertise: our team are experts in data operations and together with the DataOps community, that we're building, we'll solve any challenge with a data-driven approach. Discover our customer success stories below
  • Convenience: we help you become data-driven, with increase the efficiency of your data profiles and above all, make your data most useful.

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