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Who are we?

At Tengu, we believe that anyone within a company can become a data scientist & analyst and use big data to create the most optimal value, products and relevant services for their customers and citizens.

Our corporate values ​​contribute to this:

  • Human-centric: it's not about the technology, but about the people.

  • Transparency: open and clear communication and cooperation between several parties.

  • Continuous improvement and development (CI/CD): we enable our team, customers and suppliers to work more efficiently with data as well as grow personally such as becoming a data scientist & analyst.

This is why Tengu by Qrama nv exists and why we'll continue to build this future together with our team, customers and partners.

Years ago, the platform TENGU was initially created during the PhD of Thomas Vanhove at Ghent University to support researchers in big data experimentation.

Tengu proved to be successful among researchers at the IDLab research group and was used in projects with partners such as ID&T, VRT and Newsmonkey. On July 29th 2016, Thomas and his promoter Gregory Van Seghbroeck founded the start-up Qrama nv around the TENGU platform to further expand the success.

In 2019, Daphné De Troch joined the management team as CMO & co-founder to further commercialise the platform and expand the DataOps community in Europe. 

Today, the talented team consists of nine data sensei, each with their expertise within the start-up.

Meet our team


Bart Vermeir

Business Development Manager

Bart joined us to help us conquer the DataOps market. With his vast B2B SaaS experience and as a business mentor, our business and sales strategy are in great hands.




Gregory Van Seghbroeck

Gregory Van Seghbroeck

CTO, Founder

Gregory started the company together with Thomas, being his mentor at Ghent University. As Tengu's CTO, he's responsible for product planning, engineering and R&D.

Thomas Vanhove

Thomas Vanhove

CEO, Founder

Thomas originally created the DataOps Interface, Tengu, during his PhD at Ghent University. Together with Gregory, he founded Qrama nv, a spin-off that brings Tengu to data market.

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