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Who We Are

At Tengu we believe that every company should be able to use their data to build the most relevant products and services for their customers and citizens.

That's why Tengu exists and will keep on building this future together with our customers.

Years ago, Tengu was originally created during the PhD of Thomas Vanhove at Ghent University to support researchers in big data experimentation.

The DataOps Interface got a following among researchers at the IDLab research group and was used in several projects together with industry partners such as ID&T, VRT and Newsmonkey.

Our Core Values

Quality driven

We aim to offer the best customer service with our DataOps Interface, guidance of data-willing companies and sharing of our knowledge.


We leverage innovation with our DataOps Interface. We simplify the data processing, resulting into better results at a lower cost.


Our perfect mix of highly technological and commercially skilled people, assure you get the best value out of your data.

Open source 

 Not only do we offer our core product under open source licence (AGPL v3.0). We are also an official partner of Canonical (Ubuntu).
Meet our Team

Thomas Vanhove

CEO, Co-Founder

Thomas originally created the DataOps Interface, Tengu, during his PhD at Ghent University. Together with Gregory, he founded Qrama nv, a spin-off that brings Tengu to data market.


Gregory Van Seghbroeck

CTO, Co-Founder

Gregory started the company together with Thomas, being his mentor at Ghent University. As Tengu's CTO, he's responsible for product planning, engineering and R&D.


Sébastien Pattyn

Full Stack Developer

Sébastien's role at Tengu is to build and maintain the Tengu back end. He continuously strives to offer our users the best possible product, by creating a smooth and seamless user experience.


Michiel Ghyselinck

Back End Developer

Michiel's role is to develop and maintain the Tengu DataOps Interface. From his specific interest in machine learning, he optimizes the interface to create a better end user experience.


Dixan Peña Peña

Back End Developer

As a mathematician, Dixan bravely retrained himself into a data engineer. His role is to develop and maintain the Tengu DataOps Interface. He loves to research new technologies.

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Logan Dupont

Front End Developer

Logan is a hard working Front End Develope. He continuously improves your user experience with the Tengu DataOps Interface. He enjoys to keep track of the latest trends in front end.

Serafijn Boelaert BC-1

Serafijn Boelaert

Front End Developer

Serafijn has a passion for software development, human behaviour, animals and nature. With his previous working experience, we are very happy to add him to our front end team.


Daphné De Troch

Growth Marketer

Daphné takes care of our growth marketing. She already gained relevant experience in a software scale-up, making her the perfect fit within our team to further accelerate our growth.


Céline James

Account Executive

Céline is our lovely sales lady, listening to all your data ideas and dreams. With 4 years of experience within an international scale-up, we're super happy she's part of the team. 



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