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The importance of data protection

Qrama NV values your privacy and by using and adhering to this policy wants to protect the data they process. This cookie policy does not cover any processing of data by third parties.

If a newer version of this privacy policy is published, the old one expires. This document provides a deeper insight of the use of cookies on our website.

We try to avoid as much legalese as we can, but if something is not clear, please contact our DPO who will gladly explain.

Processing grounds

The processing of cookies is based on consent as a processing ground. This means that you need to accept our cookies before we can use those. Due to a technical issue with our CRM, we can’t offer you the possibility yet to select between the analytical cookies, performance cookies or others but we’re working on it. If you want to revoke only one type of non-required cookie, we kindly ask you to revoke them all.
There are also some technical cookies, these are required for the use of our website. All cookies are described in the next chapter.
If you consented to cookies, you gave your permission to use your data in an analytical context for the corresponding periods. If you want to revoke your permission, all you need to do is delete these cookies.
In agreement with GDPR, 2016/679, regulations, this document serves as a guideline to inform you of your rights and how your data is used.
All your collected data is stored within our company and remains within the EU.


Cookies are data files containing small amounts of information, which are sent to your web browser and placed on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device when you visit/use our website.
Cookies send information back to the originating website or another website that recognizes that cookie, and are used to improve your online experience of almost every website, including our own.
Cookies can also be first-party cookies which are those set by the website which is being visited, or third-party cookies which are set by a website other than the one being visited. We try to avoid 3rd party cookies at all cost, but some websites do place them via embedded files or scripts.
This is a list of all the cookies used with their expiry date and content. We process these non-technical cookies based on consent. These cookies are only used for a statistical purpose. They are being used at the company to obtain an insight in how the website is used and how we can provide a more relevant view of our services.

Non-required cookies

Name Expiry date Content Purpose
_gid 1 day Random ID Used by Google
Analytics for the
number of page visits.
_ga 730 days Random ID Used by Google
Analytics to obtain a
general view of page
visits, unique visitors,
sessions and campaign
_gat* 10 minutes   Used by Google
Analytics for
performance purposes.
It is used to throttle
the request rate.
_hjid 360 days Random ID Used by Hotjar for
performance purposes.


Required cookies

Name Expiry date Content Purpose
_cfduid 30 days Random ID Used by Cloudflare.
This is a necessary
cookie used to override
any security
restrictions based on
the IP address the
visitor is coming from.
_cfruid 1 minute Random ID Used by Cloudflare.
This is a necessary
cookie used to identify
trusted web traffic.



If you have any questions regarding cookies or this cookie policy, all requests can be sent to info@tengu.io or dpo@qrama.io, Qrama NV, +32 (0)9 39 63 202, Dendermondsesteenweg 50, 9000 Gent.

Even though we kindly as you to contact us first, all complaints can be filed with the Belgian Data protection authority on https://www.dataprotectionauthority.be/.

Still have questions about this policy?

Don't hesitate to contact us, we're happy to reply upon all your remaining questions or concerns.

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