The Success Story Of The Retail Factory

A DataOps use case about managing the complexity of real-time retail data.

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About The Retail Factory

The Retail Factory is an innovative company that assists retailers to count, measure and analyse trends and shopper's behaviour in their shop(s).
They use specialized sensors placed in the different retail shops, malls and cities to measure this data. 

Their challenges

The Retail Factory was looking for a specialised partner to help them manage a DataOps interface (back end) with customised features and build a customised dashboard (visualisation) to allow retailers to work smarter with their data.
To be able to do this the data needed to be stable, easily scalable with new sensors, dashboards and analyses.
The Retail Factory

Ready-to-use retail data

The solution we offer for these challenges to The Retail Factory are:
  • We collect, process & manage data from their growing set of IoT devices (500+ sensors) in the TENGU platform.
  • On top of the platform, we developed customised features, integrations, dashboards and reports to analyse and process retail data in real-time.
  • We communicate regularly with them regarding the newest changes and additional requests from their side. This way, we can further fine-tune the developed features and integrations according to their data needs.
  • They no longer have to worry about the data capture, as all is automated.
  • And, the partners' data analysts can use the data instantly to follow up on the current state, benchmark and pull reports for their management. 

The results

50 %

Time saved in onboarding new customers and creating new data stream analytics.

30 %

Workload reduction (at least) for their data engineers through automation and self-service.


Visualisation of all data architecture components in a centralised graph model.

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