About The Licenses and The Services

All questions about the differences between licenses and consultancy services, pricing, quotations, billing, etc. can be found here. 

Do you also offer data consultancy services next to the platform?

That's correct. Our consultancy services are called TENGU.DEV. All are TENGU.DEV customers also get a one-year TENGU.PLUS license on top as the platform allows us to work more efficient and faster on your data projects. Guaranteeing your data projects to be successful and offer value to the entire company.

What is the difference between the TENGU.CORE and the TENGU.PLUS license?

TENGU.CORE offers only access to the TENGU platform and basic support on the platform. This type of license is for data teams that want to manage and set up the TENGU platform themself.


With TENGU.PLUS, on top of access to the platform, we will fully onboard your staff and teams and give customised support on the data elements, connection with Google Cloud and integrations. Everything is done for you with this type of license, and you don't have to worry about anything.

How can I request a quote ?

Please fill out the form on the pricing request web page. First, we'll set up an introduction call to better understand your expectations and challenges, followed by a quotation that 100 % fits your requirements and needs.

Where can I find the pricing?

To offer you the best data solution, we prefer first to do a discovery call with you. If you would require the pricing sooner, please send fill out your request here.

Is the TENGU platform also available for free?

There is no possibility yet to get a free trial of the TENGU platform. We can give you a personalised demonstration of the platform or get you started with a proof of concept. Request your demo here

What is the way of working and pricing for TENGU.DEV?

First, we will do a kick-off meeting with all stakeholders around the table to define the goal and strategy of your data project. Next, we will specify the next steps in a roadmap or action plan that we will implement step by step. We will check in with you weekly to discuss the current state and the next steps.


Also, check our customer success stories here and discover how to implement your data projects according to the DataOps principles in our ebook.

What does the TENGU.START onboarding include?

The TENGU.START package helps TENGU.CORE license holders to get quickly started with the platform by setting up the supported integrations and monitoring for you. 

For TENGU.PLUS license holders, this is already included.

What does the TENGU.GO workshop include?

The TENGU.GO workshop is a three-day in-house workshop about the DataOps disciplines within a company and how TENGU facilitates your teams to work this way.

Where can I find the Terms of Service?

The link to the Terms of Service can be found in the footer section of the website. However, to ensure you have the latest version, please send your request to sales@tengu.io.

Where can I find the SLA?

The Terms of Use are the Software License Agreement. You can find these in the footer section of the website. However, to ensure you have the latest version, please send your request to sales@tengu.io.

About The Support

All questions related to customer and technical support services offered to our customers can be found here. 

What does basic support include for TENGU.CORE?

The basic support of the TENGU.CORE license includes all bugs and errors related to the TENGU platform itself. As you will be maintaining your data elements, connection and integrations yourself, this kind of support is not included in this license package.

What does the support include for TENGU.PLUS?

The support of the TENGU.PLUS license includes all bugs and errors related to the TENGU platform, the data elements, connections, integrations and consultancy services we implemented and maintained for you.

How do I report a bug, feature complaints, issue, etc?

Report your bug, complaint or issue to customer.success@tengu.io.


How do I suggest a new feature?

Send your suggestions to customer.success@tengu.io.

How can I contact the support team?

You can reach out to customer.success@tengu.io.

Is there community support as well?

We have a Slack community where it is possible to communicate with other users and the Tengu team. To become a member, send a message to marketing@tengu.io.

How to write a good support ticket?

Describe the current behaviour, what is the expected behaviour according to you and what you expect from us.


For example:

  • Current behaviour: I do not get an email after requesting a password reset.
  • Expected behaviour: I get an email after filling out the email address to reset my password.
  • What I expect from the Tengu support team: to enable me to reset my password.

About The Platform

All questions related to the platform and technical topics can be found here. 

What are the main functionalities of the platform?

Our TENGU platform has three main functionalities:

  • self-service data operations,
  • a single data control centre,
  • and automation of tedious processes.

You can discover them more in detail on the product page and the demo page.

What are the main benefits of using the TENGU platform for a company?

You will improve the efficiency of your data & analytics roles, energise growth and fuel innovation every day.

You will tackle your data challenges efficiently with the TENGU platform:

  • No more waiting on the necessary data.
    The analyst can instantly start with data analysis and gain insights that generate added value for the business.
  • Stay in control of your data processes.
    TENGU takes care of the repetitive and less productive operational tasks with automatisation & self-service.
  • Create a positive impact on the business.
    Data consumers spend 80 % of their time finding and filtering data, while their true expertise creates business insights.

How much value can I gain by using the TENGU platform?

We have an ROI calculator coming soon to let you discover what value the TENGU platform can offer your company in detail. In the meanwhile, reach out to us to discuss this for your use case or project.

For who is the TENGU platform in the first place?

The TENGU platform aims at data engineers, data scientists, data or business analysts, IT managers, CTO's and CDO's. To enable the data team to work more efficiently with big data and according to the DataOps framework. Saving the data team's 40 % of their time on data operations.

How can I get a demo or free trial?

Schedule a call or request a demo on our website.

Where can I log in?

By clicking on the login button in the menu above, or browse to https://dataops.platform.tengu.io/

How should I get started?

Not sure how to configure everything the first time? No worries, we have an onboarding program ready for you. Reach out to your customer success manager or email at customer.success@tengu.io.

What about the security to access data?

You can define how many permissions the TENGU platform has to view your databases, and you can also determine the permissions and level of access per user.


Next to this, all data is stored on your (cloud) servers, and the TENGU platform only uses the metadata. In other words, your data is never stored in the TENGU platform.

Is the platform only available in the cloud? Can I connect the data sources that are on-premise?

It does not matter whether you host your data in the cloud, edge or on-premise. The TENGU platform can connect with everything. Ask for a demo to discover more.

Where can I find documentation and tutorials of the TENGU platform?

You can find all our documentation, technical FAQs, how-to videos and tutorials in our TENGU knowledge base.

About The Company

All questions about the company behind the TENGU platform, Qrama nv, can be found here. 

Who’s Qrama nv?

Qrama nv is the company behind the brand Tengu and the TENGU platform.

The company's vision is that every company should be able to use their data to build the most relevant products and services for their customers and citizens. This is why the company exists and why we'll keep on building this future together with our team, community, customers and partners.

Since when does your start-up exist?

The startup was founded on 29th July 2016.

Why the name Tengu?

We actually have a fascinating blog post about this. Check it out here: https://www.tengu.io/tengu-blog/whats-a-tengu-the-story-behind-our-logo

Why should we choose TENGU?

Tengu is not just a technology. Unlike other providers, we: 

  • believe it's about the users' convenience and not just the technology. This user could be a specialist or non-specialist in data.
  • offer supportive services to help the business better understand what data is needed to achieve their objectives.
  • build the DataOps Community to share knowledge and help each other find the best solution.

This enables the business to solve their data challenges and set up the relevant data & analytics workflows according to the DataOps discipline. And above all, how we make data most useful.

Who are your customers and partners?

We have a beautiful overview of our customers and partners at https://www.tengu.io/partners.

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