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Make relevant data better accessible to data analysts.

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data control center

Self-service data operations

Are you held back by countless data requests, long meetings, and service tickets to get access to the data to make your strategic decisions?

With the TENGU DataOps platform, you can easily connect and integrate data sources yourself, improving your data-to-insights flow. Set up your data pipelines and collections, and even transform the data more efficiently. Saving costs and improving revenue.

Work with data without dependencies or need to know programming code, together with the aid of the built-in Tengu Assistant.

Fast integration

Integrate resources in a few clicks.

No/Low code

No technical knowledge required.

Pipeline orchestration

Deploy, manage, and run pipelines.

Supported tools

A growing list of supported tools and resources.

Tengu assistant

Built-in automatic guidance.

Personalised filters

Focus on what you need to see.

A single data control centre

Are you having difficulty making sense of the flood of data, are you in need of a single view, or are you tired of switching between programs?

Look at your data in a new way, and intuitively understand your data environment, thanks to the platform's graph view. Monitor everything at a glance with status indicators and logging.

Unite your team and tools and democratise data. Improve collaboration, knowledge sharing, and overall team efficiency by managing your data processes in a central workspace.

Intuitive graph view

Understand data environments with an auto-generated graph.


Spot errors at a glance, with high and low-level information.


Document, discuss and share any element in the graph.

All data tools in one place

Perform all data operations in a central workspace.

Data environment lineage

Monitor and track all activity and events on environmental level.

Tagging & Grouping

Easily navigate and organise elements in your environment.

Automatise tedious processes

Tired of doing the same time-consuming data operations day in and day out? Do you want to improve your and your team's efficiency?

Execute your data operations faster by automatising non-value generating and manual tasks. So you can focus on what really matters and create a positive impact on business revenue while optimising operational costs.

Automated Watchers

Automatically trace internal and external changes and events.

Auto-check status

Detect status conditions of elements to quickly fix errors.

Faster operations

Execute data requests quicker with automatised processes.

Schedule pipeline runs

Have your data updated and synchronised when you need it.

Scalable configuration

Add configurations that can be applied to multiple data elements.

Connect to any infrastructure

Use TENGU in the cloud or on-premise.

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