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TENGU is a DataOps Orchestration platform, that enables you to improve the efficiency of data scientists, analysts and other profiles with the most useful data and collaborate better. It lets you apply the data to real business problems, giving a boost to your business value and revenue growth.

TENGU is available through a Platform-as-a-Service license (TENGU.CORE or TENGU.PLUS) and connects to any company infrastructure (e.g. GCE, AWS, Azure, VMWare, OpenStack, MaaS).  


The main benefits you will enjoy when using the TENGU platform: 

  • Break down the silos, so all data is shared company-wide.
  • Access and visualise data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way while protecting the underlying data.
  • Drives decision making based on large volumes of real-time data.
  • Make sense of the flood of data that comes in and goes out.
  • Create a single view, with all relevant data at one place.
  • Optimise the efficiency of your data teams (engineers, scientists and analysts). Enable data teams to perform actions on their data, like machine learning and data science, and to create dashboards and data models very quickly.  

The Marvelous

Functionalities of TENGU

Data Pipeline Orchestation TENGU

Data Pipeline Orchestration




Team communication


CI/CD Capabilities TENGU


Continuous testing

Continuous integration

Continuous development

Sandbox management

Recovery & backup services

Data Operations TENGU



Run scripts

Meta tagging & labelling


Data visualisation

DataOps & DevOp Support TENGU

DataOps & DevOps Support

Code & architect storage

Distributed computing

User management

Authentication & authorisation

Education & support

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