The Success Story Of Patronale Life

How we empowered Patronale Life with accurate insights and valuable information from their data.

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About Patronale Life

Patronale Life is an insurance company and credit provider active in the mortgage and life insurance industry. They offer tailor-made solutions such as insurances with guaranteed capital and interest and insurances related to funds. A human approach is central in everything that they do. 

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Their challenges


Patronale Life wou een geautomatiseerd dashboard voor betere rapportage en ondersteuning van hun verkoopprocessen. Er was data beschikbaar, maar deze was ongestructureerd en verspreid. De data vereiste kostbare tijd om waardevolle info uit te consolideren. Automatisatie en een dashboard zou niet enkel hun werklast verlagen, maar ook hun dienstverlening verbeteren.

They chose Tengu because we think as partners and would unburden them in the short term and grow into a data-driven company in the long term. We ensured this with assured continuity of Tengu's solution and other services, assisting them with our expertise every step of the way.

Our solution

For this case, we first set up a small-scale dashboard as Proof Of Concept (POC) to test our solution. This POC showed a need for a new data warehouse to support the new dashboard.

To solve this and enable the original request, we built the 'TENGU database' on top of their existing data infrastructure, which automatically puts their data up-to-date and structured.


The results


Central Tengu database


man-days per month saved

data sources that are consolidated

Thanks to Tengu's expertise and customisation, Patronale Life now has quick access to relevant information via their dashboard. The Tengu automated database brings together their data from their internal accounting system, data from their partner vFinance and externally acquired brokerage platforms. This saves them two person-days per month of manual work.

They can now flawlessly convert this data into valuable and accurate information that they can use in their sales processes, allowing them to better serve existing customers and generate more value through efficient upselling. With this foundation, it is also intended to allow the data infrastructure to evolve further based on changing and growing needs.

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