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We build great data solutions, letting you make impactful decisions.

Take your data challenges head-on with our tailor-made data solutions.

So you get more relevant insights out of your data right away.

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No data challenge is too big for us

Use data to unlock your commercial benefits

We turn your data into insights that create value for the entire company and an unfair competitive advantage with a quicker time-to-market.

Getting insights out of data becomes a piece of cake.

We set up the data processes & systems that give you valuable insights in a timely manner that let you achieve your goals.

We implement the best data journey for your needs

Together we determine the ideal data strategy, the desired outcomes and set up the appropriate processes and systems.

For data-minded companies

You are collecting many data, or consider doing this, and want to visualise this data, so you can focus on what truly matters: obtain data-driven insights and predictions that help you reach the company's targets.

Data science, business intelligence, data automation, data governance or building your data platform are maybe some things on your wish list to implement. Getting there is a very complex & time-intensive process, where you will need to face the following data challenges:

It takes a long time to obtain your insights out of the data.
You don’t have highly technical skill sets in-house.
Your data is stored in silos and inaccessible.
Setting up data processes & automation is too complex.
You are not sure the acquired insights are 100 % accurate.
You’re not certain your data security is flawless.

We enable companies to make data-driven decisions

With our consulting & DataOps services, we take on your data challenges with tailored solutions that we develop together step-by-step with a clear and predefined scope.

Our talented team are experts at developing and implementing automation, data integrations, data orchestrations, cloud engineering, IoT integrations, and data architecture.

On top of this we offer data-audits and advice to the data-architecture, processes, and data strategy.

We’ll help you get the most out of your data, attaining better insights at a faster rate, with a secured cloud, edge, or on-premise, environment. By letting us build your data solutions, you'll have more time to derive effective insights and detect new trends & opportunities in your market.

Discover some of our recent projects

The Retail Factory

The Retail Factory uses the TENGU platform to collect and process data from their growing set of IoT devices (500+) and data sources.

The result? 52 % time saved in creating new data stream analytics and onboarding customers.

InnoEnergy logo-1

EIT InnoEnergy uses the TENGU platform to train future data scientists for the energy sector in real-life environments with industry data sets.

Now they only need 1 minute to set up complex data scientist environments immediately connected to the right data sources.


We redesigned central data storage interactions to optimize data throughput for the RetailSonar platform.

With Improved overall scalability of databases as well as surrounding service architecture and platform as a result.

How do we enable you to make data-driven decisions?

Discover & Prepare
  • You have an idea to get more value out of your data. And, are seeking a trustworthy partner like us to make your idea come true.
  • We'll first listen to your idea and possible roadblocks or problems you are facing today. During a half a day interactive workshop, we will work with all your stakeholders in four areas:
    • (1) aligning your data strategy to your business objectives and idea,
    • (2) investigating if the right processes and people are in place to deliver your data strategy, 
    • (3) deriving technical requirements from non-technical goals through collaborative exercises, and
    • (4) making the value of data and the requirements clear to everyone in your company.

    By diving deeper into these four areas, important business questions will arise, helping you to better define the required data & technology roadmap to support your idea and implement it step by step.
  • After listening to your ideas, objectives and needs, we will convert these into the best tailor-made data solution for your business. We'll suggest the ideal data roadmap for you to make your ideas come true. 
Build & Design
We implement the suggested data solution and roadmap together. 
  • Tengu supports you in any way from development into production.
    • Our team of experts will build the custom data-driven solution(s) to get you started with or perform actions on your data, like machine learning and data science, and to create dashboards and data models quickly.
    • We make sure you can access and visualise your data in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way while protecting the underlying data
    •  For the seasoned data veterans, we take away the mundane tasks allowing them to focus on what's important: insights!
    • Powered by our TENGU platform, we move faster and in full transparency with no vendor lock-in
    • We can set up or integrate with any cloud environment and even on-premise, with no licensing commitment after the project.
  • We work the agile way. 
    • Fast experimentation allows us to validate business cases quickly and scale further with the one that works best.  This way you can explore the benefits a data-driven process could offer you quickly. And, can we improve your data outcomes in the short term. 
    • Together, we decided on the best steps to select the best technologies for you, which will be installed and integrated by us. 
    • We can build a proof-of-concept first, that gives you a first taste of how our services will get your company from data chaos to valuable information that will drive your revenue in the long term.
Grow & scale
  • Control your data processes
    • Explore relevant data that is available to you and your team. Maintain an overview of internal and external sources and stay on top of your data complexity.
    • Take control of your data-driven environment through automation and self-service.
    • Enable (non-)technical profiles to execute faster when it comes to data and information.
    • Implement a visual data control centre for your entire organization to stay in the loop.
    • Keep your options open with our modular approach and adjust your data sources and flows to your growing business needs. Scale without worry.
  • Extend Your DataOps Opportunities.
    • Become familiar with DataOps step by step. So you can fully benefit from implementing a data-driven culture in the company. 
    • During a three-day training, you will learn the basics of the DataOps framework and how to implement it. 
Tengu.Go Tengu.Core

Discover The TENGU platform

To solve the most complex of data problems, we developed our own DataOps orchestration platform.
The platform makes not only setting up a data environment a breeze but also enables efficient data and pipeline management.
Aside from our services, we also offer our platform to existing data teams to streamline their work and increase their efficiency.
Discover The Platform

Why Tengu is your ideal partner?

All-in-one service package

With our consulting & DataOps services and the TENGU-platform, we offer a broad range of data possibilities, customised to your personal and company's needs.

 Transparency and agility

Throughout your data journey and the build of the solutions, we’ll communicate transparently about the project’s process, its current and upcoming costs and so on.


Explore the benefits a data-driven process can offer your company. With Tengu at your side, you don't have to worry about what, where and how.

Guidance by data experts

We use our data expertise to provide you with the ideal tech stack according to your needs, such as reliable open-source tools to prevent you from vendor lock-ins.

Are you ready to solve your data challenges?

We have several use cases and best practices we would love to share with you during a demo.

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