Our view on the Big Squeeze, Big Score and BAM Congress 2020

Posted on 8-jan-2021 14:20:52

2020 has been the year of online congresses, for sure! It's a different experience, and interesting how you could easily switch between your day to day job and attain new insights without leaving your desk. Our team has attended the Big Squeeze and Big Score of Scaleups.eu, and the BAM Congress of the Belgian Marketing Association in November and December. Please continue reading for our insights and experiences at the events.

The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze allows you to squeeze your valuable time by meeting all the startup ecosystem's relevant stakeholders. With Tengu, we attended the online event to meet several interesting partners for expanding our growth in the European market. We learned a lot from the internationalisation track explaining how to grow in the UK and French market.  It was also the starting point of a series of interesting meetings and partnerships that have helped us better define our European way forward for the next coming years.

The Big Score

The Big Score was all about collaboration between larger enterprises and startups. However, instead of having startups pitch their companies and products to the enterprises, the Big Score turned the concept upside-down. Instead, enterprises had identified specific challenges and priorities in their organisations and pitched them to the startups across two tracks. In the afternoon and the following days, startups could book 1-on-1 10-minute-meetings with the enterprises to further discuss challenges and set up next steps.

While all the challenges were tech-focused, it was interesting to see that many of these were related to big data analytics. And more importantly, about helping organizations handle, in any way, the massive amounts of data they have or are expecting to have in the coming years. An open invitation for Tengu to talk about the DataOps principles and methodologies and how they can solve similar challenges already in other organizations.

The BAM virtual congress - Moving Forward

This years congress of the Belgian Association of Marketing was not just six days of virtual talks and networking; it was also on point with the smarketing world's latest trends. Several companies showcased their current projects to face the new realities: disruption, the importance of local and proximity, COVID-19 and the benefits of getting useful insights out of your data.

What benefits were they talking about?

  • Have a better understanding of customers' engagement and experience, allowing you to build trust, loyalty and advocacy, personalisation as you've never seen it before, etc.
  • How to 100 % validate if your value proposition or experiments are rocking it. No more gut feeling decisions giving you enormous headaches because of the money lost on it.
  • How decision making and holistic marketing can bring your brand to the next level and differentiate you from your competitors in only one month time.
  • How data supports your growth and efficiency. No more guessing what marketing activities have led to a positive ROI, had a business impact, increased the customer lifetime value, etc.
  • How you tear down the data silos between the several smarketing roles, and improve the overall smarketing performance.

Why should you care about these benefits?

If you don't, your competitors will. Good data management allows your smarketing team to speed up, be innovative, align and collaborate within the team, company, ecosystem, etc. And, most importantly, it allows the team to perform better and reach the targets more efficiently. Now is the time to take benefit of the digital transformation; don't miss the opportunity.

Not sure how to get started? Reach out to us, and we're happy to get you started.

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Daphné De Troch

Written by Daphné De Troch

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