Tengu hosted the first DataOps Ghent Meetup

Posted on 21-mrt-2019 16:55:35

Recently, the first DataOps Ghent Meetup took place in Ghent. Their goal is to make the concept DataOps (data operations) more known and to meet other data enthusiasts. Their meetups are acessible for all skill levels, also for non-tech savvy, or people not yet active in data operations. Being super enthousiastic about this new initiative, we agreed to help out and host the first event at our headquarter - Co.Station Gent.

With 25 members and three speakers the first DataOps Ghent Meetup took place at March 6th. Our CTO Gregory introduced the audience to data operations and the several struggles it tackles with data teams and a company. Followed by hands-on use cases from Teamleader and DataScouts that were doing DataOps without even knowing it themselves. Afterwards, we have chatted for a while about all the new insights learned. You can rewatch all DataOps Use Case Presentations here.

We're already looking forward to the next one, and hope to meet you there!


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Daphné De Troch

Written by Daphné De Troch

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